Black People : Biological Weapon Infecting According to Skin Color


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Sep 4, 2003
By the way, I don't believe survival of the African people will necessarily involve a separation from everyday contact and interaction with Europeans out of some blind, unthinking hatred of them for its own sake.

I believe this will be crucial to our countinued presence on this planet because of what follows in the event that those with a vested interest do manage to create 'race' specific bioweaponry; this goes to the following question [and one --the necessity of which, if made a reality-- is capable of provoking mild to severe insanity if dwelt on for too long a period...and you will have to dwell on it].

If biotoxins that target genes or clusters of genes peculiar to a given group of people are a reality, or become one in the future, who among the passing throngs of people you encounter almost all day, everday, even for the briefest of periods, is capable of releasing it in the building where you work, workout, like to eat, do your weekly shopping, go to watch movies, go to enjoy a night out with your friends, the food supply, the water supply etc etc etc?

And of course, as explained in the article posted by Kannte, these weapons of war could set off other illnesses later on and so have a delayed affect of maybe years so there will be no hope of tracking down the origins of these weapons or in fact, even proving that any weapons exist.

Therefore unlike the consequences of firing a gun or weilding a knife, those willing will commit these horrors in the full knowledge that they will escape retributive justice.

How many people do you walk past everyday that want to witness complete African genocide made a reality or at least think that our numbers should be controlled, or in other words, brought down to a number lower than theirs worldwide?

This is the stuff that keeps me awake at night because the answer is there exists a vast sea of them only too willing, a colleague, someone you pass everyday, or someone you've never seen before that doesn't happen to wear his/her hatred on his/her sleeve, who looks as mild and as sane as anyone you're ever likely to meet.


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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
This is insane. It is not possible to create a bioweapon that would wipe out one race and leave the other untouched for several reasons

1. Scientists have no way of predicting how these viruses and bacteria will mutate. They might create something that is designed to target the marker that produces malanin and it might mutate to something against which only malanin is a defense. Dig a pit for someone else and fall into it yourself.

2. No white person can be absolutely sure that he/she does not have Afican genes. If the scientists target a recessive gene (and I do not even know if the genes for skin color and hair texture are recessive or dominant) the gene might be present in the genotype but not showing itself in the phenotype (physical appearance).

3. One of the things that has helped humanity survive on this planet is our variety. We have ethnic groups that have survived in every kind of environment the Earth produces. The result of genetic cleansing if it is completely successful will be that one major change in the Earth's climate or one mutation of some microorganism and the homogenous human population will go the way of the dinosaurs.

These sharp as a bowling ball morons had better think about what they are doing. They are trying to aim a shotgun.


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Feb 9, 2001
Why should we be surprised or doubt this is happening?

I think "mad" scientists and "evil empires" around the world need to find something better to do with their time and taxpayers money, than constantly searching for new ways in which to annihilate people. A little knowledge put in the hands of paranoid people is extremely dangerous! As absurd as this might seem, or reek of insanity, I don't doubt that if man can think of it, it's quite possible s/he can achieve it, even to the tune of causing self-destruction. All of the events happening in the world today are linked, in my opinion, and not isolated. It's evidence of what power and greed and a strong will to dominate can do to people. Example, America can have "weapons of mass destruction" and finance research for purposes of biological warfare, but Hussein and Iraq can't because they're a bunch of heathens, religious radicals and "evil" people. And speaking of genotype and phenotype, someone might think they'd make a perfect target, right? Hmmmm...

Queenie :spinstar:


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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
That's what I want to know, Queenie. How come it's okay for us to have WOMD but not Iraq? That's what this idiot war is supposed to ble about. Last summer I read in the NY Times that Bush and Powell were confident that they were about to find chenical weapons in Iraq! Wait a minute if you are looking for something you're not supposed to know where it is how can you predict when you're going to find it? My theory is that this war is all about the election. Bush knows that terrorism and terrorism alone made him at least temporarily popular. He also knows that no sitting president has ever lost the reelection during a war. This wara is Bush's version of Nixon's Commitee To Reelect The President (CREEP). Thousands are dying just to keep this imbecile in office.

Ever notice how the media always calls foreign leaders by their last name but they call Hussein by his first name? Saddam sounds so much more menacing than Hussein.

I wish we had some say over how our tax dollars are spent. Maybe if enough people were willing to go to jail for not paying their taxes and it was made clear to the government that this is a concerted effort of protest not an individual thing they might take notice.
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