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Jul 26, 2001
Biography of Josephus Matthias: Foundation of the Gospels

By Andre Austin

As cited in Cliffs Notes on:

Josephus-Life and Background

A unique hybrid, Flavius Josephus (37-96AD), a Jewish and Roman historian, is an amalgam, a historical exposure for the NT. A native of Jerusalem, the second son of a priest, and an offspring of royal lineage on his mother’s side, Joseph Bar Matthias (AKA in NT as Joseph of Arimathea john 19:38) was a child prodigy who studied Hebrew and Greek, At the age of 14, he consulted with scholars and also spent three years with Bannus (John the Baptist), a desert hermit, in an effort to choose among three sects, the Essenes, Saudducees, and Pharisees. At the age of nineteen, he chose the latter who became the Rabbi’s. In 64AD., as a delegate to Nero (He names as Neri (not in OT) in Jesus genealogy Luke 3:27 not to mention the other 6 Matthias), he journeyed to Rome, where he met the empress, Poppaea.

Josephus was married three times and he fathered two sons, Justus and Simonides Agrippa. Josephus was inspired to write due to a black Jew named Epaphroditus

Impressed by Rome’s invincibility, one of his first acts as governor of Galilee was to warn his people of the dangers of war; in 66AD however, Josephus led a handful of freedom fighters in a revolt against Roman occupation forces, and for 47 days, his band held at Jotapata, 15 miles west of the sea of Galilee, but ultimately yielded to Vespasian’s legionnaires, who led a surprise attack during the night. Vespasian ordered the city burned and the males massacred. Josephus escaped by hiding in a pit of dung with forty other Jews and living off a cache of supplies. When Vespasian’s troops discovered the pit three days later, Josephus made a momentous decision, accepted a proffered safe conduct, and avoiding the mass suicide plotted by his compatriots.

When Josephus prophecy that Vespasian would one day become emperor came true, Josephus was set free and he began writing the Gospel (good news of military victory of him and his son Titus. This was the same for Zakai’s prophecy for Vespasian & Titus, leader of the Pharisees who after 70AD when Temple was destroyed changed their names to rabbis. Zakai had obtained Vespasian permission to established a school at Yavneh. In return the rabbis now taught pacifism and accommodation to Vespasian & Titus’s imperial wishes. Likewise for the Gospel who Titus gives Josephus permission to write the Gospels as a parody of his military campaign advoting pacifism, meekness, paying taxes, slavery to Rome-all justified in the NT.

Josephus adopted the name Flavius in honor of his liberator, Titus Flavius Vespasianus, and allied himself fully with Rome, accepting citizenship, a pension, and an estate in Judea. Josephus’s career was secure from the start because he was in constant demand as an interpreter and mediator.

As a member of Titus staff, Josephus was distrusted by both the Jews and Romans alike for good reason. For example, When Josephus returned to Judea, he assisted the Roman high command at the siege of Jerusalem, but offered what help he could to hard-pressed Jews. Some he freed from prison, and he had three removed from crosses, only one of whom survived the experience. The parody of this was in the Gospel the place of the skull (Mark 15:22 in Josephus it’s the place of Inquiring Minds) where Joseph of Arimathea ask permission to take down Jesus and give him back the linen cloth he left naked with a young man (Mark 14:51 and Mark 15:46 obviously naked on the cross and castrated like Paul. However in the Josephus account in his Vita a Jesus is crucified then they have Supper which reveals the correct order for Eleazar/Lazarus who was made a supper/cannibalism (John 12:2-3). Hot dogs (manna/penis) on the Table.

Josephus best known works the bellum Judacium (The War of the Jews 76AD and Jewish Antiquities , a history of the Jews from creation until 94AD are an outgrowth of his inner compunction to square his name with fellow Jews. Haunted by the label of traitor, which Jutus of Tiberias attached to him in a rival history of the Jewish War, Josephus seeks to justify his actions in his writings, some of which have led historians to wonder if his lengthy protestations are indeed the truth. We can see the rivalry in the parody in Acts 1:23-26 where Judas Iscariot (Issachar the Jackss Jawbone (frame of the mouth) used to kill parody of Judas mouth kissing Jesus.

St Jerome singled him out as the Greek Livy (who was a master historian from which the Vatican and Catholic destroyed many chapters of his works. But his own people back then in the day withheld all honors, refusing even to mention his name. however in the today the Jews are in an economic and religious alliance with the Beast (USA) to dominate people of color and they censor and silence their orthodox Jews who know about the fraud of the Gospels as the true and first literature to be anti-Semitic from which all other documents are based. Its ironic it was started by one of their own, or it may seem it was one of their own.

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