Brother AACOOLDRE : Bill Maher's use of the N-word


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Jul 26, 2001
Dear Bill Maher:

Now that all the dust cleared on the recent controversies on the use of the N-word, let me assure you that your Ghetto pass hasn’t been revoked or rescinded.

I the Minister of Information

of the United States of America

Hereby request all whom it may concern to permit Mr. Maher

of Cali named herein to pass in any ghetto, house party or set

without delay or hindrances and in case of need to

give all lawful mutual assistance, aid and protection

Still standing in full effect

Now that we have gotten all those formalities straighten out, lets get down to business with this little pamphlet to teach on the N-word and all other related matters. We aren’t out here to crucify anybody but will turn this minor tragedy into a teaching moment.

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