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Jul 2, 2003
( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
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Tall long pillar columns lined across the hall.
Tapestry unfolding. Silk upon the walls.
Culture bound with music. Literature and art
as you walk across the floor.
Surrounding your beauty.

I’m alone with my thoughts.
Memories of a time.
Keeping others out while
I hold the door for you.
Waiting to play my
part in your life.

Standing in the dark. Others grab for your time.
Unroll the orders, waiting to play my part.
You’re dressed in fine linens wrapped up in
your gowns. Shakespeare lyric questions.
Making funny sounds. World spinning what
a beautiful image. Dreams so clear I smile.
Touching what I think of you.
Harps play, make no noise.

I try to speak. Broken quill delights you.
Writing verse, I came alive.

Record the story and this time.
All can’t turn the wheel.

Sit uphold the classic.
Struggling together.
Proving the battle is real.

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