Black Astrology : Big Bang, or Creation. How did we get here?


Psalms 82:6
May 28, 2010
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The Big Bang theory from my limited knowledge.. Somewhere down the line states that all of creation was once compressed into something the size of a Pea and then it exploded ( the big bang )....

In my honest opinion Thee Supreme Being speaks to us through Signs... If you want to try to overstand creation you have to overstand its signs...

All living beings including planets originate from some sort of origin point ( seed ) which depending on the form of creation goes through its own Individual Processes which allow it to grow into that which we see today...

This condensed Pea sized "origin point" that exploded and caused "The Big Bang" in my opinion was a seed... This seed was created by Thee Creator... Thee Creator pre-destines the life/design/plan of all things in creation.. From a seed arises a seedling which turns into a Giant Tree under the right circumstances.... Therefore there is a BLUE PRINT / DESIGN that delegates creation and its manifestations....

The Origin Point of Creation ( the pea sized "point" that eventually exploded and caused the big bang ), was a seed and within this seed Thee Creator, already pre-destined and established that which it would become by her/his very own design, much like how Thee Creator by Design causes an Egg to turn into a Bird with all of the intricate details of w/e particular kind of bird it is....

The Bang in question was the process in which this seed GREW into that which we see before us today... This Bang happened out of DESIGN.... Thee Creator designed this creation and just like all of his creation which we see today, everything has an origin point ( seed )...

The Big Bang is the process that the first origin point(seed) had to undergo by design so that it may grow into that which we are aware of today...

Therefore both theories co-enside and are one and the same if properly overstood...

Peace.. Peace...


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May 9, 2003
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it was NOT a pea. it was a point. no space. no time. no thing. according to science no thing became some thing.
And it happened with great force.

Sorry folks, But I missed the point or importance to this tread, or the question. why does the answer really matter?

P.S. I'm not trying to be a pill.
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