Benin : Benin women explain their kingdoms role in the slave trade


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Nov 14, 2007
Peace you right my brother this is a wicked serpent.We can take the same example with the Kongo Kingdom:Even though the King of this kingdom converted to Christianity,thus converted his subjects to the religion the Portuguese have started to capture people,when the King complained about this they tried to kill him and finally they overthrew him and put in place a puppet.I got a lot infos on this particular subject but in French,i will try to find some stuffs in English.
This country called Portugal has done so many damage to our people,we often sleep often,these people will pay a high price for what they done to our motherland!

Here we go:

Part 2 deal with slavery:



Jul 2, 2003
Here we go:

Part 2 deal with slavery:

Brother Seneb
Thank You very much for bring forward the CHRONOLOGY OF KONGO PEOPLE

It is truthful. [ Rely ( To trust; depend; confide; repose ) I On ] relig I ON...has been the demise of Africa.

Upon asking the definition of rely. The source gave me as alternatives. Define religion. is this not what religion is. something relied upon to depend on and repose? Repose the Sprit. Calm down. Only then can one be overtaken and controlled.

No one should ever be reposed. Controlled and collected to the degree that they give the will and right to freedoms.

Freedom to choose to not choose. The choice always being theirs.

DO not
make known, as with a sign or word: signify one's intent
Africa at this time in the CONGO and BEYOND. Is waiting on our intent
Today as with days past. They are waiting on our new gathered strengths to help. Help free ourselves by helping free ( them ) our roots.

The break up of Africa was intentional. It had to be it was decided. The nation had to be broken and divided among the nations whom gathered to steal its wealth and resources.

This division was mapped out and categorized in a book written by Frederick K. L. Schuman
a professor of Political Science in 1937 which is contained in the second edition of
" International Politics. "

America took slaves and many more were brought to America by British and others as cargo for sale. If accountability is to be placed each one these nations listed must be held.


Took 3,354,914 square miles composing a population of 50,495,470 people.

Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
Tanganyika ( M )
South West Africa ( M )
Northern Rhodesia
Southern Rhodesia
Gold Coast
Cameroons ( M )
Sierra Leone
Togoland ( M )
Mauritius Islands and Dependencies
Seychelles Island
St. Helena Island
Ascension Island
Tristan de Cunha Islands
Union of South Africa


Took 3,894,727 square miles composing a population of 38,668,000 people.

French West Africa
French Equatorial Africa
Togoland ( M )
Somali Coast
Reunion Island


Took 1,438,917 square miles composing a population of 9,432,000 people.

Tripolitania and Cyrenaica ( Libya )
Italian Somaliland

Then there were Minor Powers


Took 801,318 square miles composing a population of 8,073,000 people.

Cape Verde Islands
S. Tome and Principe


Took 128,696 square miles composing a population of 934,840 people.

Rio de Oro and Adrar
Spanish Guinea
Spanish Morocco
Fernado Po and Adjacent Territory


Took 950,275 square miles composing a population of 21,070,000 people.

Belgian Congo
Ruanda and Urundi ( M )

Approx: 128,673,310 ( One Hundred Twenty Eight Million, Six Hundred Seventy Three Thousand, Three Hundred and Ten )

Established later...

( M ) = By League of Nations Mandate

A League of Nations mandate refers to a legal status for certain territories transferred from the control of one country to another following World War I, or the legal instruments that contained the terms for administering the territory on behalf of the League.


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Feb 27, 2007
Thank you very much because most of the time they show us africans who said "oh yes we did it,we sold our own people".These sisters said something that is fundamental:initially there were resistances.The white man make us believe that he was hanging around africa with his boat and that africans was waiting in the beaches with slaves,smh...The white man knew what he was doing... In fact the problem is that the power struggle was not in the favor of africans due to european guns,so some africans were forced to make wicked deal to save their people;some of the so called kings who sold us were puppet created by the beast as it is today with these traitors who ruled most so called african nations.

Oh!!!! Pleeeaaase!!! Come off it. Like all slavetrading states, Benin is and was a pagan paradise. Why do people keep regurgitating the same old non-sense? Any intelligent person can see that slavetrading, like all trading, is and was a two way street. Both sides were guilty. Until we face this and many other cold, hard facts of history, we will never solve our problems as Africans.

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