Black Poetry : Being hot from the hood is not good in any manner a plenty bandannas are worn by many car parked at the club but got a bad spark plug and my heart l


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May 11, 2006
Being hot from the hood is not good in any
manner a plenty bandannas are worn by many
car parked at the club but got a bad spark plug
and my heart love speed like fast and furious thug
action like Little Bow Wow, this BLACK HIP HOP
is in love with VIRGINIA BEACH for a chick he stop
got a mad thirst that go from bad to worse chop
logs and eat hot dogs his plots clog the internet
NAW PLAYER I have the ability to learn and yet
some boys have a silly perm which block knowledge
this is not garbage so comb hair let dome prepare
oh her REDBONE panties are wet they can't see air
up under her skirt, hot lace must occupy a space
shook and able to read a book on the table embrace
the paragraph within, fakes fear SHAKESPEARE “To
be or not to be” her body plenty itch today got her true
panties on any which way but they wet for real these
words like dogs wet the carpet, I get to target MC'S
and puppy chow but a yuppie somehow get the credit
that's pathetic nothing energetic about that best let it
be, care about her breasts and its best she wear her best
bra, a yellow Soul Sista or REDBONE go through a lot yes
here in VIRGINIA BEACH OK you have hot pride but its
not for me to decide rather we have sex or not this legit
question got me in a hot spot, from the hood and clever
but would never invite the wrong boy home to sever
her bed on gravel with many machines travel by
any means necessary and be very up front, try
post rhymes on the coastline most of the time
a ghost reminds me of Casper sipping on wine


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May 11, 2006
Being hot from the hood
is not good
in any manner
a plenty bandannas
worn to keep hair out eyes
scorn by the street as affairs skies
OK BOO he has authority and quotes
and talk to majority of the folks
then rap to the minority about hopes
and dreams keep dope schemes in mind
travel by car and babble about bazaar kind
of things such as bling,
car parked at the club with mad scrubs phone
got bad spark plugs need to go to AUTO ZONE
like a team have a pep rally, step in the valley love
with a bull horn and afro pick this is Black Hip HOP in
and head home been in the dark recently
but still have a spark of decency
have legal needs but no evil deeds”
PURINA dog chow in order to bark up
a tree let LIL BOW WOW show you duck
JD he's so so def money ain't a thing
write scriptures that's crazy so bring
the tea sweet like pictures of a baby
very pleasing to the mind
wanna be teasing all the time
my skirt is down
and still flirt around
“REMEMBER ON the street body built
and definitely had sweet milk
in my breasts this boy wanna then test
my body cake, take to a party for the rest
of the night, he want a true kiss
but not on my to-do-list
he still wanted some so screw this
he drove up in a Mercedes to try
and win ladies, “girl what's your name
Sarah May a southern girl name game
is not to be played,oh gosh getting brain-
washed, a REDBONE go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH we do get hot
“LOOK BOO have endeavors in your vicinity
always get the better of the enemy
my dog got a thief by the leg
he try beg
OK Spot let him go now leave
no brief plan the thief ran or be seized
its a threat doe got a wet flow and some debts
I owe, thought whack and was caught in the act
but fought back to keep fragmentation off the back
of my imagination, NAW PLAYER her lips red and nice
but she got to get ahead in life, oh he wanna slice
her cake jest kiss her lips right there in the store
now he get her tongue she wet he sprung more
to come oh her coochee was juicy he couldn't ignore
jest pudding in the store, he got her tongue she
was moving around up and down “Aw girl I don't
wanna come”


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