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Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings @Hamma ... thank you for being here and sharing with us.

I have moved your posts from the shoutbox to this new thread created especially for them.

If you have any questions please ask.

Much Love and Peace.



  • @ Hamma:
    Part 3: But due to various data and claims have also been looking into Ancient Kemet, a paid to publish author for the vatican who discovered a shocking secret within or underneath the Masoretic texts,ancient Sumerian/Akkadian/Babyloian cuneiform texts that tell a different story in regards to the bible stories - ie creation,the flood and more. So have come to the conclusion the bible is 1) possibly plagiarized stories from Ancient Kemet or Egypt (2 the Jews/ Judaeans or Arameans/Mesopotamians have adopted and then adpated all the stories from other nations when held in captivity by them!
  • @ Hamma:
    Part 2:These priests hid the manuscripts (the Ashurit or Assyrian-aramaic and syriac Peshitta texts) from the invading Roman Catholic church,therefore hiding and preserving the original manuscripts for over 2000 years. Finding subtle differences in the original texts translated into English vs the modern American bible versions translated from the bible the American missionaries had and uswed in the 1900s (The king 1611 James version) copies of copies of copies of copies all have in the world today. So I created many YouTube videos around waht I have personallty studied,researched,experienced and also registered as a minister,and also registered 2 congregations - The New Truth and the congregation of MarYah Eoshoa (or Ysho) Msheekah (Jesus the Messiah) online.have added a video to my media about waht I have discovered.
  • @ Hamma:
    Part 1: Being a former church goer/christian experiencing the bible scriptures and other Christians via a certain organized religion/denomination,and others,I came to realize there was something terribly wrong within them all,yet not knowing why. Until many years later, come to the full realization of what that actually was. Incorrect interpretations,understanding because of flawed teachings,mistranslations,interpolations,Bible versions and incorrect propaganda based teachings within a denominations or denominations. So found a native born Mesopotamian translator, and his translation of the supposed original manuscripts given to the original church of the east by 1 or 2 of the original disciples of the Messiah to the high priests, before they were both Martyred in India.ah to the priests of the church they founded in Urhai (now modern turkey) before they were both martyred in India.



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Jun 18, 2004
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the bible is 1) possibly plagiarized stories from Ancient Kemet or Egypt
:11100: whadaya mean 'possibly'



Aug 3, 2005
Well; some say "Yes it is plagiarized" Shaaka Ahmose in his book "Codex: Game over" (and the kemets of the House of Konsciousness) others say "no it isn't ,wheres that proof,show me in the Bible where? " (Jews,Christians,atheists,top theologians,scholars) :) So as they suggest establish the facts as facts, let the evidence prove itself,provide the sources,links to the evidence from top known fully recognized, highly regarded scholars of the past and the day as proof etc ,etc (as suggested something you must do by Shaaka Ahmose,Dr Ali Muhammed). Someone should say, put copied/scanned versions of all these books up on a site or make a video word for word on what these Egyptian books say .I might find some by Budge etc @ sacred Oh just a sudden thought came into my mind....Most of what's if not all in these books are myths right? So if the Jews etc plagiarized the stories, their adaptations would also be myths,right?
Africans or black Americans into Ancient Kemet realize this as fact,that the myths, are all ancient myths,yeah? I mean Osisris body parts didn't literally get cut up by his brother Set or Seti, get thrown in the Nile,chewed by a crocodile, and the queen found all but 1, then sewed them together, then got pregnant by a dead King, having Horus, her son,right?

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