Black Poetry : Behined Bars


Aug 24, 2005
Behind Bars

I never knew how much I appreciated freedom

Until it was taken me
The crimes I've committed has brought me to a place that I rather not be

A day is nothing more then a day as I sit here rotting in this cell

Wishing someone would take me out of this world because this is worse then


As the years go by I soon realize that freedom is nothing more then a distant

memory of the past

Perhaps I'll be able to find the piece within myself I have been searching for

at last

As the end draws near and it gets closer to my etneral sleep

I ask the lord before I'm judged to look at the life that he's given me

A neighborhood field with drugs, death , and poverty

I wanted to do the right thing but was forced into a life of crime to support

my family

Now am I guilty or a victim of society

A tragedy or a menace

All I want is forgiveness

Before my final sentence


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
leave it in the eyez of GOD
prayer is the key ask him
for thy forgiveness .........


Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2003
Sometimes we have to look at the whole picture before we cast judgement, but God will be the final judge. Deep drop.


New Member
Jan 13, 2005
freedom is a state of mind, they can lock you up, but no one can shackle your brain, your heart, or your soul, be free through knowledge, be free through love, be free through your beliefs and pass that knowledge on to free someone else, you are obviously highly intelligent, and artistic, don't let anyone take your natural abilities away from you!!! And remember, the only forgiveness, understanding or judgment that means anything is from God, forgive yourself, and then ask for his forgiveness.

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