Black Spirituality Religion : Behind The Bible Fraud What Was The Church Trying To Hide? By Robert Adams

Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
When I first spoke to a close Christian friend of mine about the publishing of Tony Bushby's The Bible Fraud, her reaction was one that many Christians have expressed, and one that made me aghast. She didn't want the book available because it would "persuade them away from the Bible and the word of God." Further discussions with her and many other Christians around the world about The Bible Fraud all result in the Bible being quoted as the ultimate reference for the apparent "words of God," and therefore the basis for their arguments. The problem lies in that they believe the Bible is infallible.

If we examine the oldest known Bible to date, the "Sinai Bible" housed in the British Museum (I believe that, during his many years of research, Tony had a private viewing of this priceless book), we find a staggering 14,800 differences from today's Bible and yet it still remains the word of God?

As Tony points out, the history of our 'genuine' Bibles is a convoluted one. Firstly we cannot be sure that we have the full version as it was originally intended. In 1415 the Church of Rome took an extraordinary step to destroy all knowledge of two second century Jewish books that it said contained the true name of Jesus Christ. The Antipope Benedict XIII firstly singled out for condemnation a secret Latin treatise called "Mar Yesu" and then issued instructions to destroy all copies of the book of Elxai. The Rabbinic fraternity once held the destroyed manuscripts with great reverence for they were comprehensive original records reporting the life of Rabbi Jesus.

Later, Pope Alexander VI ordered all copies of the Talmud destroyed, with the Spanish Grand Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada (1420-98) responsible for the elimination of 6,000 volumes at Salamanca alone.

Solomon Romano (1554) also burnt many thousands of Hebrew scrolls and, in 1559, every Hebrew book in the city of Prague was confiscated. The mass destruction of Jewish books included hundreds of copies of the Old Testament and caused the irretrievable loss of many original handwritten documents.

The oldest text of the Old Testament that survived, before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls" was said to be the Bodleian Codex (Oxford), which was dated to circa 1100 AD. In an attempt by the church to remove damaging Rabbinic information about Jesus Christ from the face of the earth, the Inquisition burnt 12,000 volumes of the Talmud.

In 1607, forty-seven men (some records say fifty four) took two years and nine months to re-write the Bible and make it ready for press. It was, by the order of King James, issued with a set of personal 'rules' the translators were to follow. Upon its completion in 1609, it was handed over to the King James for his final approval. However, "It was self evident that James was not competent to check their work and edit it, so he passed the manuscripts onto the greatest genius of all time... Sir Francis Bacon"

The first English language manuscripts of the Bible remained in Bacon's possession for nearly a year. During that time ... "he hammered the various styles of the translators into the unity, rhythm, and music of Shakespearean prose, wrote the prefaces and created the whole scheme of the Authorized Version. At the comp

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Oct 16, 2009
I weep for people who still believe that the bible in its current is the "word of god", I weep even harder for those who take that bible literally.


Dec 2, 2007
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What about the red words, the words portrayed as what Jesus said, in the four canonical gospels. Does "The Bible Fraud" say anything specifically about them? Do the red words stand up any better to close examination than the rest of the bible? I ask because I have found the red words to be more consistent , to make more spiritual sense, than the rest of the canonical bible. If I am mistaken, please enlighten me.


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May 9, 2003
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A Book writen and re-writen many times by only those in power.


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Feb 12, 2010
You will get those that will retort that there is no possible way man could fully grasp God's plan after reading the Bible. You also get the same people stating that some parts are true and some are just stories to learn from. You also get those that say that the Old Testament God is just for structure and not to be taken literally as the New Testament God is what is true. Do not get me wrong there are some things in the Bible I do believe in as far as ideals but for many that take this as the end all be all what is really the truth in the Bible and what is made up? can it be proven beyond just having faith? There has dissension amongst the ranks about this.

I have no doubt there is some form of a creator, but the Bible is not a convincing read to prove Christianity is the true way in my opinion.

It's all good if you feel the need to call me a heathen, most of my family has in one way or another and I still have managed to live past it.

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