Black Poetry : BEDWORK


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May 11, 2006
my plan schools its like a hand tool
it fix things i wear mix bling and rule
the street, got butter lyrical along with
other materials its a strong gift
saw a real grenade
and a steel blade
wow I'm hoping yall
with this opening in my wall
I can see a new path
but need some true math
put in a frame it been lame
the pass two days that came
with a few delays gotta blame
the system

Chancy stats bought a fancy hat practice
his footwork so he won't look hurt actress
may visit and stay explicit wow wanna date
romance extreme like a dance routine take
the cake and move your feet
and groove to the beat
wet cake like an ocean
can't make a commotion
about that, home tall
behind a stone wall
on a date stay quick
and will make clay into bricks
not a regular lay back chick
now this boy walks up didn't make the quota
yet want cake in a Toyota
Naw fake don't start the motor
“OK boo he win as a rapper
but at the end of the chapter
you may leave this place
while he squeeze your waist
“LOOK PLAYER my panties are
wet, not in a CORVETTE and far
from home the sources of information
forces a demonstration
“BOO on VIRGINIA BEACH with plan
so let the speech began
holding a peach in his hand
when friends break up fought a little
but was caught in the middle
as each complained about of each other
wow he ran out of butter
no flavor in this
behavior on a nut list
its a flimsy day
hate a whimsy essay
so it was by chance
I try romance
and my pie enhance
the game its a dance
NAW PLAYER as she walk about the hood
founded out most furniture made out of wood
oh wow now I know how a boy broke
my headboard a Philippine chick
and she cream quick
she sit in his lap
now he git to rap
and told her a lot of soft stuff
oh gosh she was so hot down there
she couldn't go anywhere
she say he went crazy
on her Philippine gravy
she just left the auto zone
he moved and talk
with a smooth walk
can't escape from this
it was cake and one dumb kiss
and he threw her on the bed
become uttered
his words some buttered
time pass quickly
panties smash now sticky
bodies wet in unity
couldn't let an opportunity
slip, jumped between her thighs
to pump the cream pies
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May 11, 2006
In this game he survive with cake
right now his train is late
so let me spend the night
wit you boo?
And suck a tit or two
“NAW PLAYER don't fake
you want cake and a smile
gonna have to wait awhile”
“BOO tomorrow we go to the bar
if my parents let me borrow the car
NAW PLAYER one time took a boy home
he walked in with a toy phone
couldn't dial out
his style was about
having sex
had her grabbing the kotex
my butt is great
and will cut cake with
a very sharp knife
play a harp need advice

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