Black People : Becoming Serious About The Black Children

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
It Is Time To Place Afrika and Black Afrikans Liberation Responsibility On All Black Afrikans Who Desire Freedom, Justice And Independence In Afrika

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The One Race Of People The Black Race Does Not Take Seriously Is Black Afrikan People!!!

It Ain't gonna bring joy and peace, Divine respect, comfort in being Black Afrikan, protection to our Black Afrikan Children, Power and self-determination with authority, Knowledge of What God Is with self-included, Freedom, Justice and Independence, A United States Of Afrika Government in Afrika all of this Black Afrikans need, nor will the fulfilling of Black Afrikans be just by talking, joking and grinning and such a spiritual demonstration reveals the present status of the Black Mind, profane but not wise.

Such is our Modus Operandi and look with the intention to see the true state of condition of Afrika and the true living condition of Black Afrikan people living under the Laws of that Luciferian Racist Unjust prejudice Human Being and the way we Black Afrikans are living today, we are not equipped to bring about Afrika and Black Afrikans Liberation.

Ignore this Divine Truth as you do today, yet the Divine Truth reveals the reality of our status in Lucifer World and it ain't Freedom, Justice, and Independence, woe is to the Black Afrikan Race and to Afrika!!!

So, whatcha gonna do Black Afrikan Woman and Man, can't you look to see the actual transformation of Afrika and your Black Afrikan behind taking place right before your eyes, all three of them???

We Black Afrikans have become experts in pretending, it is our coverage to not face the Divine Truth and Reality of our present living status in the world today as we show no want nor desire to regain our Divine Mind, the quality of Mind that will have us Black Afrikans to be qualified to see our way to Freedom with Justice and Independence.

Evil is the profane action of the believer but the responsibility is Divine awareness of the Wise, we Black Afrikans run from our responsibility of today.

So yes, Mother Afrika is wailing and burning and the Black Afrikans been made to know no more what our responsibility is to the Black self and to Mother Afrika so we just are self-entertaining while Mother Afrika is burning and the Black Afrikans have no longer the Divine Mind to inform what the Responsibility is of the Black Afrikan Race!!!.

Useless chatter is the ally of the Profane Mind action, it only is amused by joking, skinning and grinning, seriousness plays no part in the living of the unwise, beloved, and Afrika and Black Afrikan living condition today is because there is only the religious believing mind to step forward to take on not the responsibility needed to reclaim Afrika and to be with the Wisdom of our Divine Mind guidance.

Well, as long as Black Afrikans refuse to become serious to take on the responsibility required of Black Afrikans to be willing to organize and to sacrifice to do whatever it takes to have Afrika to become for the Black Afrikans again and to have the Black Afrikans to become Thinking wise Black Afrikans again, without owning up to that quality of responsibility by the Blacildren of the Black Afrikans live to be without the protection of Serious Black Afrikans Revolutionaries willing to provide the glorification of Freedom, Justice, and Independence in Afrika for the Black Afrikan Children and where there is no child freedom there is no Nation worthy to be Living as Black Afrikan people, beloved!!

We need more than useless claimed agreement about what we Black Afrikans have gone through and is in need of today, we need a willingness to organize with a mind of serious responsibility that will show the world that the Black Afrikans are on the rise to reclaim our place at the apex of the pyramid of Divine Living within the Circle Of Divine Freedom, Justice, And Independence!!

Woe is the Black Afrikans who has not the Mental qualification to choose wise Divine Revolutionary Black Afrikan Leadership, our Children Die for the Lack of Freedom Black Woman and Man!!!
Divine Respect

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