Black Poetry : Becoming a Writer


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May 11, 2006
Becoming a Writer

A guy cool in high school interested in writing but on
Shaky grounds because flaky clown try bring me down strong
Was a dumb fighter trying to become a writer was my fixed dream
At sixteen, itch for quotes only thought rich folks write books it seem
Obviously not real work but the deal perked inside my head extreme
A victim of ridicule and prank kids in school have blanks for self esteem
My soul revealed the nitty gritty from the feel of the city struck like a hammer
Had distinguish features like English teachers wanted to know the glamour
Of grammar, like a farmer I loved pure corn and sure adorn other
Writers, thought of myself as a deft writer a stealth fighter brother
With words from a topsy turvy society with a sloppy curvy variety
Of dreams, see true thugs galore some blue blood and poor a propriety
Of the slums made me wanna write, when I told folks had to have bold quotes
On paper, in order to be pure and divine had to mature like wine after
A time, gave a way of thinking I stay linking to fiction books the master
Friction shook my life as a student, walk fast gather my thoughts in mass
Fought in class to get good grades, just to have a calm deft identity a task
Like John F Kennedy as a candidate had a plan great to succeed and write
My emotions became sicker and soft, the notion flicker off and on like a light
The words was clear after my third year in high school the possibility took
Hold and I could look bold into my carreer, path straight like pages in a book
Later started to write and unite verses with crazy glue became gravy true
For notebooks, started to thrill kabow! until now English was a boring crew
Of words


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Oct 4, 2003
This looks like a continuation of "Short Keystyle", right? I think many writers can relate to this, our experiences when we first started to write, and then how we grew as writers. Enjoyed.


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Dec 10, 2001
Atlanta, Georgia
My emotions became sicker and soft, the notion flicker off and on like a light

This is a great description of the maturation of every poets pen. I can relate to the lonely passion of this piece. Creativity can be a lonely journey, especially when you follow your heart.

PriestHood Entertainment
"The Standard Has Been Changed"


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
u hit some powerful keys and notes to a pure writer

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