Black Poetry : be desired and approved HIP HOP required a smooth feel strong and the deal at home after a kiss and


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May 11, 2006
be desired and approved
HIP HOP required a smooth
feel strong
and the deal at home
after a kiss
and a master wish
things happen
wear bling while rapping
riding in a sling shot trapping
girls with street talk
they have such a sweet walk
have a desire to flirt
and this require work
use my bare hands
to come up with a fair plan
good quality of life
this policy is nice
got galore quotes
the more folks
the better
have to do the rhymes clever
can't have the nickel and dime endeavor
which is good
now I itch in the hood
become quicker and bold
for a particular role
got cats falling on their knees
and calling for these
rhymes and begging please
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
of knowledge that can't be stop
schools are good
and fools should
study books
Superbowl was big and boring
my soul is ignoring
the event its wild aggression
showing a mild expression
of hatred in matrix system
with the oracle and wisdom
see a girl be with cake and fine
must create and design
be great with rhyme
and make this girl mine
new sex and kiss
do exist on a brisk
level, “LOOK BOO
I'm shook over you
and your thing is pink enough
and now I have to think up stuff
while in bed it huff and puff
get wet cake be a winner
after I take you to dinner
how's that? Somehow a phat
kiss can set it off where you at?
Impressive how sex convinces
can lead to excessive expenses
blessed on the edge it seem
with fresh eggs and cream
like a plumber fix pipes
jump in a hummer mix hype
now you a Black Soul Sista
wanna dodge a number of folks
while riding in a hummer with quotes
a huge crowd gather
shoes made of proud leather
according to the street outside
you'll look sweet in my ride
little or no room for kissing
girl your perfume got me reminiscing
have romance galore and that's twisting
my mind girl you a true queen
so being sweet in routine
on a dance floor
the romance pour
pants bursting at the seams
got me thirsting for creams
this task is a worldly affair
and like a mass of curly hair
need some hair tonics
to proceed fair in Ebonics
booty boss and round
like that soft ground
girl your butt can support a foundation
whirl it in any sport town of nation
try feast in December
and like a piece of timber
prepared to use in buildings
'NAW PLAYER I'm just chilling
you doing a lot of hot rapping
but it's not gonna happen
so stop all this yapping
and by the way
you want pie today
so you try say
no, but anyway
you're a stallion misled
and like Italian bread
you have flavor in bed
plus my lips are major and red
I answered pager and that's what you said
oh a Black Soul Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH boys go for hot
pancakes his plan is to shake your thoughts
my lips red and got you licking
and now you wanna bread my chicken
wanna fry my hot pie like POPEYE
my dress is down
and my breast nipples are round
oops! In the club
with a group of thugs
eating soup in love
and it's mushroom
boy wanna crush my perfume
and smash my cherry pie
and his words are very fly
used verbs, hand on my thigh
“GIRL DO you love me?” couldn't reply
“you got some black sweaty thighs
and I'm ready for your pies
your body give me sexual highs”
“OH GOSH one phat kiss
and I'm really at risk
because I flirt butt
and my skirt is up
wanna grab me around the waist
then go downtown and taste
my cake while it bake embrace
my hand don't lick at a fast pace
let it go slow oh a Black Soul Sista
go through a lot
when we talk true HIP HOP
want my lace unravel and shook
some boys travel by foot
to get to my house
lace be wet and aroused
can't let Mickey Mouse
into this can get doused
by liquid love
that's how we kick it in the club

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