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Book Review
By Andre Austin
My self-made homeless uncle was tramping around from porch to porch reading Barack Obama’s book Dreams From My Father, (DFMF), pleading with me to read his book, way back in the summer of 07. I was unfazed and unimpressed with Obama because he skipped out on Tavis Smiley’s State of The Black Union and picked Lincoln as his guide and background to announce he was running for president of USA. Lincoln gave one speech for Black Civil Rights and that was supposed to cancel out all of the political maneuverings he made during his entire political life. I wouldn’t buy his books until he won the presidency. I like to be behind the winners and don’t have extra cash to burn around. I picked up the paperbacks three days before he took the oath of office.
I’m proud Obama won and reading DFMF has been an everlasting treat. DFMY is Barack’s story of himself feeling like an outsider trying to find his purpose and place in the world. He was encouraged to write the book in 1995 after becoming the first African-American president of Harvard Law Review. Why did Barack feel like an outsider? Partially because his blood is mixed with Kenyan and Caucasian. His Grandfather (Gramps) is white and his step-dad is Indonesian (Lolo). They can teach him about manhood but they can’t teach him how to be a Blackman and this lead to him feeling like an incomplete outsider. Because of these circumstances of life led Barack to smoke and drink a little bit in high school. But nothing got out of control and he still took care of business and maintained his educational goals. His Black friends indicted the whole white race and Barack tried to reason with them. Barack argued with his Black peers that some of his white colleagues on the basketball squad wanted to be just like Doctor J (Julius Erving). Barack argued with them that you could be a Black nationalist and not hate white people at the same time. In 1968 the FBI saw MLK has a potential threat if he embraced Black Nationalism and its cousin Black Power. Barack’s inaugural address spoke down on those with closed fists a symbol of Black power. King didn’t want Black power only because it would be mistranslated by whites as Black Supremacy. However Barack has supported his former church’s Black value system” which has a lot of Black power ideas but not the militant name brand. The Black value system pledge to work to improve the black family, and education and other positive goals. Barack admired Malcolm X for his autobiography but disagreed with Malcolm for desiring to see the white blood expunged from his veins due to his mother being raped by a white man. This mixture of blood gave Malcolm his red tint and nickname “Detroit Red”.
Once again Barack would feel like an outsider after he feel in love with a green eyed white girl college. After he met his girlfriends parents and visited their home the inner feelings of being an outsider came back to haunt him like a ghost because he wasn’t in his own world. Obama wanted his world to be in the concrete jungle of the Ghetto in Chicago being a community organizer. When he ran for president his opponents made fun of his new found job but those job skills as an organizer led to him knocking out and outsmarting everyone to his quest to the White House. So just what is a community organizer? A leader, not a superman, devoted to changing the conditions poor people were living in. Just like Jesus came to assist the poor. But Barack knew change would only come when the whole community had the faith/hope that their condition would change and improve. A theme he outlines in DFMF and picks back on in his other best seller The Audacity Of Hope. I invite all to listen to the 70s jazz song Ain’t no such thing as Superman where Gill Scott Heron sings that the community not an individual will change our way of life.
The Community Organizer worked with Churches, private org and City officials to improve upon the basic services of those living in the Ghetto. As a community organizer Barack dealt with issues like police brutality, asbestos in the housing projects, bad pipes poor service, educational issues, voter registration, the list goes on and on. As a matter of fact the only Black family TV show that closely resembles Obama’s work and problems as an organizer in the TV land can be found in Good Times from the Evans family and not The Cosby Show. Good Times dealt with poor quality of service, police brutality, Aldermen’s corruption, school officials just wanting a paycheck. I’m surprised that some white media figures like Barbara Walters, Meet The Press, the host of Chelsea Lately, and a myriad of others are trying to make Obama synonymous with Cosby Show. Obama had forsaken Corporate American just so he could help people who had the problems that Good Times sitcomhad. There was no bridge between the Ghetto and The Cosby Show. With Barack’s work as a community organizer he no longer felt like an outsider because he was home at last. I see Barack as a disciple of King wanting a poor peoples march and dying for garbage workers. Cosby left the junkyard of Fat Albert a very long time ago and never came back.
The last part of Obama’s book deals with his homecoming to Kenya. According to Anthropologist Kenya has the earliest remains of human beings. This is where the first human tribe may have began. His father wanted him to come back to his tribe and be a Prince. Barack Sr planted a seed for Obama to be a Prince not in Kenya but in America but just didn’t know it. Barack Jr. only met his father once when he came back to America after getting into a car accident from being drunk. Barack Sr’s drinking problem started after he was blacklisted by Kenya president Jomo Kenyatta (from 1964-1978). Barack Sr criticized Kenyatta for retribution land taken back from the British to friends and relatives. So Barack lost his job with the ministry of Tourism and finance. Malcolm X spoke highly of Kenyatta. Most Blacks (especially prisoners)only know of Kenyatta from Donald Goines fictionalizing his name into one of his crime novels. Malcolm X flew on a plane with Jomo Kenyatta in 1964. He like him because Kenyatta took a stand and used the Mau Mau to free Kenya and scare whites out of other African countries. Jomo told Barack Sr he would have to go naked before he would work again. Like father like son Barack Jr. had to confront some members of his community organizing for wanting jobs for their family members too. Barack’s sister thought he acted like his father in many ways.
One thing is for certain is that Barack is calm, cool, collective in thoughts and is highly consistent. You can piece together his inaugural speech in both of his books as a blueprint for taking control over the White House. Our shining Black Prince has arrived and we did it with the ballot and not with the Bullet. His world is our world and he has it all in his hands. Barack is for one tribe the human tribe not tribalism with no one being left out like an Outsider he once was. Everyone’s included in the American Dream.
By Barack Obama
BOOK REVIEW By Andre Austin
“knowledge is power. Words are weapons-Fredrick Douglass
The political anthropologist President Obama has chronicled the living human remains from across the USA and globe in The Audacity of Hope. Most professional anthropologist desire to learn the history of peoples from the deceased artifacts not Obama. From the foundations of the values and his own conscience/empathy he learned from his mother he learned other peoples problems and solutions not just from books but from personal conversations. He came to manhood by learning the suffering of others in Chicago’s ghettos as a community organizer.
The problems and solutions are spelled out in nine chapters covering the areas of 1. Republicans and Democrats, 2. Values, 3, Our Constitution, 4.,Politics, 5., Opportunity, 6., Faith, 7.,Race, 8., The World beyond Our Borders and nine Family in which I would have put first, and that’s just because I have a Bachelors degree in Family life Education.
Some of the problems within these 9 chapters sometimes appear to be unfixable but with the ammunition of the Audacity of Hope explained all up and down from Hebrews 11 Barack keeps the faith that America can keep on gradually changing to make our Union a beloved community away from the Darkness. I will highlight the highlights from these nine chapters of high hopes.
I do not know if Obama participated in debates at Occidential, Columbia or Harvard Universities but this book is a brilliant piece of literary debate in written form. Recall the movie The Great Debaters where blacks students from a small college debate team whip the pants off of Harvard debate team in 1935. They won because they made their circle of knowledge base wide. You can’t be Prophet Muhammad or Malcolm X without reading. The topic of The Great Debaters was Civil disobedience. The Harvard whites had a ultra, extreme conservative view of Law and order. Obama used his skills from interviews of everyday people, his mothers values, and those expensive books from Harvard to win the debates and beat the traveling pants suits of Hillary Clinton and Joe “big mouth” Biden. From 1967-1971 Obama lived in Indonesia sometimes in buildings without a toilet. His mother woke him up a 4am and for three hours was talk English before he went to school. He forgot his mother’s lessons but he got the overall point that speaking and writing were very, very important. And to this day any public employee hired for his administration is screened for these skills and asked if they have in public communication experience.
His book is a debate for ideas over the Republicans and at times attempts to extend a hand and bridge to the GOP. Obama believes it’s a right to have health insurance, social security an education, food and housings. These are rights spelled out in the constitution. The extreme right says yes these are indeed rights but individuals must bring it to themselves. Recall just a couple of years ago the GOP wanted to abolish the Department of Education, throw Welfare Queens in jail and privatized Health care. Lets quote a famous Black Republican: “For society as a whole, nothing is a right-not even bare subsistence, which has to be produced by human toil. Particular segments of society can of course be insulated from the necessities impinging on society as a whole , by having someone else carry their share of the work, either temporarily or permanently” The Vision of the Anointed” By Thomas Sowell (1995 p.100).Obama anthropologic skills digs up facts not ideology just like The Great Debaters students did to refute these extreme views and warns the public that the GOP plans to use the courts (The Holy Grail) to win this debate rather than by taking it up with the people as a community. They forgot about We the people and see the Constitution as a dead document stuck in a time warp of the past. Obama considers the Constitution to be a living document that must be read in the context of an ever expanding and changing world.
President Obama doesn’t want to get into the bedrooms of grown adults unless your breaking the law like child abuse. He respects civil unions rather than gay marriage but people should have the power to name their own relationship. Barack is against the death penalty unless someone does something monstrous to the point where the maximum punishment should be the price. He admits that sometimes the extreme right bears a longsuffering on his spirit. For example: “If Rush Limbaugh’s listeners enjoy hearing him call me ‘Osama Obama’, my attitude is, let them have their fun”. I would like to see Obama attend The State of the Black Union this year and share his thoughts in the market place of ideas. Share your ideas for fixing up schools and having teachers salary be $ 100,000 thousand dollars. Don’t short change any of your constituents.
Barracks’s debating skills written and oral linked up with his hope and values. His hope is a value and his value is hope that can’t be trumped or imposed upon to nonbelievers as I paraphrase in his prologue. This coalition was multi-ethic just like Harold Washington’s was in Chicago. “Many of the white suburban Republicans who crossed over to make Carol Moseley-Braun the Senate’s first black woman member told pollsters the wish to ‘make history’ figured strongly in their decision” Showing My Color By Clarence Page (1996 p.254). Barack from this same state of Illinois just replicated and built upon Braun what was already in existence in the state and then across the USA. Allan Keys, a Black conservative couldn’t beat Obama because his debate was too extreme wrongly making his party the victims of abortionist and gays. Barrack’s values on the economy saw that we all had some skin in the game for responsibilities and rights. The GOP only saw the rights of Banks for bailout and left no boats for those in New Orleans. The GOP took the extreme view that you can’t eat if you don’t work/toil, but forgot their were 200 applicants for every single job available. Barack debated and won for America as a big house united looking after those left in the basements. He debated successfully by using alive human artifacts and the constitution as a living document not to be abused and mistranslated for the few rich and powerful. At Last by Etta James sung threw the mouth and lungs of Beyonce Knowles at the inaugural ball. And I add the adjectives of power, at last, Forever for we are “one nation under a groove” as Cornbread (Cornel) West has said.
The next man in the ring for the debate is Michael Steele another Black from the GOP who now chairs the RNC. Oh how I wish Michael was like his brother Shelby Steele. The debate of Hope over materialistic greed of corporation will never end in a TKO. Raising hell of obstructionist will keep the RNC down for the ten count of being against hope.
Barack OBAMA: The Story by David Maraniss
Book Review by Andre Austin
The story of the first Bi-racial president’s family has been written by David Maraniss. I was looking to find something on the man and his genealogy tree. Their human just like the rest of us struggling with ups and downs rises and falls. All of America should be happy we got somebody like Obama in the White House. He’s one in a million; not likely to repeat such a feat unless it’s in multi-universe in parallel form.
The Bible tells us to avoid foolish genealogies maybe due to Paul being gnostic and saw things as faith and unseen flesh. In order for us to see Obama we have to look at the dark and white of his nature and nurturing environment. We do not want to fall into the trap of seeing the man as an invisible man, a book written by Ellison that Obama cherishes in his own private collection. “One can see the imprint of his mother and maternal grandmother in almost every aspect of his character”. Then we also see on the white side his grandfather Stanley Dunham his “motions and gestures”. But the nature of his brainpower comes from Obama Sr, the Blackman from Africa who came to America and graduated from Harvard. Like father like son the Obama’s came out of USA’s finest school with flying colors. However Stanley wasn’t into hitting the books he was a truant when it came to academics deficiencies. He wanted to party and ******** while at the U of Cali @ Berkeley. He was basically shiting and pissing on his GI bill returning home from WWII. Another character trait Obama inherited from the dark continent was his father’s bad *** writing skills. Bothe of them had the magic pens. While working in the ministry Obama Sr wrote notable coherent reports for the Kenya government.
Why was it necessary to go there to the cognitive abilities of Obama genes through the African side. Well because Marraniss went there and I will take it a little bit deeper. You see the white racist for a very long time said many bad things about black people. For one they said that any significant black leader produces from our tree was due to the mixture of white blood in figures like Frederick Douglass, Booker T Washington our first black Senator and US representative etal. Obama was nurtured by whites but his academic pursuits coincided with his black side. These two worlds he lived in left Obama feeling he wasn’t black enough because no one black raised him through his infancy years.
Mr. Big mouth himself VP Joe Biden said Obama was “clean”. He was clean because he never got caught smoking weed or doing cocaine. If he would have been caught he would have allowed the Criminal justice System to emasculate him away from social, political and economic equality in America. So a warning and reform must be done with our youth. Our Youth should be taught the human biography of ourselves not of a flawless one. No one wants to be judged or held responsible as an adult for his/her behavior in youth or how relatives acted. Obama still smoke squares every blue moon and we know he’s not tough enough. Obama should be playing political hardball. That means holding political carrots as blackmail to his opposition to get what he wants and needs for his constituents.
Obama sat down with Maraniss in the White House to admit he did an exaggeration of the Mau Mau revolution against white colonialism in Kenya. It’s coming out that Obama wasn’t involved in that in Africa. That’s good because the FBI here in America that a black revolution like the Mau Mau would spring out here in America with a Black messiah within black groups in America. “The word Messiah figured prominently in FBI jargon regarding Dr. King. A high-level FBI memorandum suggested that the FBI create its own black Messiah to replace Dr. King”p.109-Murder in Memphis by Mark Lane. Many of the cranks of wild eye conspiracy advocates believe Obama is a government/corporate sponsored version of similar type of FBI created “Black messiah” gimmick designed to help keep democracy alive among the masses with the next gimmick being a woman president. The power that be may not want to integrate the economy but can do it symbolically through politics. This precedent is to be found in South Africa where blacks control politics but the minority whites control the economy. However, Obama was able to make one small leap with health care giving more rights to workers to leverage and bargain their skills to competitors. Just think about the freedom now a worker has to leave his job and go to another without getting hit a pre-condition.
The extreme right and racist groups like the KKK view the rise of the mulatto President as a plot of the Jews to use black groups and Hollywood to promote amalgation as a means to weaken the white race. Back in ancient times the reverse of this KKK allegation happened in Egypt so well documented in The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams. Who knows what could happen in the future just like the past when the big banging starts to happen any type of combinations can take place in our multi-universe. Repeats can happen, combinations, etc etc. Who knows in another universe it can be an all-black planet thriving in full effect or another plantation, colonial wage slavery society. I don’t know, but I do know we can’t continue going on like “we is”. Live and let live like the smart people we are or all die together as if in a nuclear holocaust. We can’t allow the powers that be to divide us up. We can come together under love. Can’t come together if you feel inferior, or out of lust and wanting to gravitate towards power. I don’t if Obama was selected to be the Black messiah to pacify us but I do know he is in the club of 36 presidents out of 42 that share the same ancient royal blood lines in Europe.
Obama has done nothing to tell whites that it’s wrong for one group to dominate over another. I think there is fundamentally something wrong with 40 million blacks living in the wilderness of North America and only produce 1 billionaire while 6 million Jews represent 50% of USA billionaires. This isn’t a case of being blessed as children of God because many passages of the Bible texts are exact replicas of Egyptian texts. Can’t be blessed with plagiarism and violate the 8th commandment of do not steal. Basically they got the Ten from the 42 Egyptian negative confessions. They turned ham’s eyes originally from a fruitful blessing into a barren gay curse. but It’s not a matter of being blessed it’s the art of coveting other peoples land, resources, minds, body and souls as commodities to be exploited over one group over another. But don’t get it twisted I have nothing against anyone. I use to date white girls. Now I’m afraid if I dated one now I would emasculate myself from Afrocentricity.
Maybe Obama will get re-elected, grow an afro and start treating blacks as a special interest groups just like he does for Israel, gays, big corporate America and others. History teaches us the tables turn when people are abused and mistreated and become full participants in society. We went from police department’s license to beat gay people up just for general purposes to allowing them to serve with distinction in the military. So in the end we want Obama to be our messiah just like Cyrus was to the Hebrews and come out on top and alive. However we can’t afford to have him sitting in a chair like Lincoln in a movie theater being prevented from rebuilding the self-destruction in a second administration. Help the black family by helping the black man the same way the government empowered the black woman. Just don’t treat us as a vote and mix us in with others to be dominated over. You read the invisible man who stays invisible because nobody seen him as a individual.
Lets do it again. We need a second time around.
Notes: Obama once criticized a mixed lady for not going to a Black student Union meeting saying “I’m not black”. He called it a gravitational pull towards power and away from black. He feared pieces of that lady within himself see pp373-374
By Andre Austin
Dolores Cannon wrote Conversations with Nostradamus Volume 2. Cannon mainly wrote on the Anti-Christ 666 in 1990. A friend of mine gave me this book 2 years ago. I suspect some rightwing fundamentalists nuts are using this book to claim President Obama is the Anti-Christ. Allow me to shine light on the madness. Cannon states the Anti-Christ would:
1. Win a Nobel Peace Prize, humanitarian (He got it)
2. Advances in computers (Maybe)
3. Advance in hydroponics gardening (Mrs Obama is a plain gardener)
4. Feed world hunger appear as world savoir ( 1 billion on $1 dollar a day)
5 Spiritual leader (?)
6. Huge communications network (Not involved in conspiracy with Goggle to tap)
7. Total respect of all religious leaders (?)
8. Use psychic warfare (I don’t know what his CIA FBI are up to)
9. Use money to answer peoples problems. (Only banks given money no Job programs)
10. Computer data file on all people knowing all health aliments of people (Could Be)
11. Starve the underground (No evidence)
12. Controls world banking. (Banks indirectly owned by China)
13 Economic chaos and world famine will take place (Poor will always be with us see NT)
(See p.132-135 of Cannon’s book)
This book was written far in advance of the world even knowing Obama existed. This description couldn’t fit Obama. For one he doesn’t control the economy. He borrows from China and Japan to keep our bank officials from going naked and wearing wooden barrels with suspenders over their shoulders. He mocked claims of feeding the world. His wife is a gardener of a plain and ordinary sense; she is a lawyer and isn’t advanced in horticulture.
Not qualified as an Anti-Christ because we couldn’t answer yes to all charges above. This is all madness and psycho talk.
By Andre Austin
Alfred Nobel (1833-96) is the founder of the Nobel Peace Prize. He amassed a huge fortune, much of which he left to endow annual. The first award was issued in 1901. Nobel invented dynamite which ironically contributed to death and warfare. In 1964 Martin Luther King won Time magazine Man of the year award and the Nobel prize in 1964. The prize was $54,600. MLK wanted to donate all of it to Civil Rights organizations but Mrs. King wanted him to put away at least $20,000 towards their children education trust fund. President Barack Obama has won $1 million dollars from Nobel. Obama should also consider setting aside a portion to his children just in case something happens to him his family will be taken care of.
FBI director J. Edgar Hoover reacting to the New Nobel Laureate and his Time recognition called King a “Top alley Cat” and a notorious liar. Hoover was super obsessed with the sex life of king. Hoover wanted to know the full details of every hotel room bed spring squeak. As we fast forward temporarily to 2009 we see Fox news clowns like Glenn Beck and Rush are actually the New Hoovers. If King would of received the Nobel prize in 2009 the above three hit men and others would have been talking down his accomplishments.
The Apostle of Peace MLK received his death sentence and certificate when he won the Nobel Prize. This new prize puffed up King’s ego and manipulated his thinking which caused him to oppose the Vietnam war in April of 1967. Exactly one year later King killed by James Earl Ray with the assistance of Raul a representative of the Military Industrial Complex that gave orders to the CIA and FBI. After Ray allegedly killed King he was given fake ID’s of people who looked liked him who worked for factories for the military. Many in King’s family belied the US government was involved in the assassination and that Ray was innocent.
Every opportunity Hoover got to knock King down a peg or two he did. Hoover attacked King by anyone he hung around. King was often guilty by association. Does this sound familiar to fox news and their hit men. Anybody associated with Obama found doing anything unorthodox or wrong its associated with Obama. This right wing news group is doing what Hoover would have done. Watch Fox News and see how pro Military Industrial they are.
In December of 1964 King his wife and delegation went to Oslo, Norway to give a speech and pick up his Nobel Prize. Meanwhile, the FBI was lurking about trying to find garbage to put on King and company. King’s entourage didn’t use good judgment and told white Norwegian prostitutes they knew king and they could meet him if they had sex with them. Some of the prostitutes stole their money and ran out of the hotel rooms half naked. King’s brother AD ran into Martin’s and Coretta’s room. The FBI wrote a memo on this international incident. Bayard Rustin, a homosexual aide to King convinced the police not to arrest anyone and saved King from being tarnished.
Obama is smart and he runs a tight ship. He is president the FBI or CIA couldn’t smear him directly, but could leak info to Fox News, etal to drive him down. Obama is too smart to be manipulated by the Military Industrial Complex either that must be fed. Scholars say Kennedy was assassinated because they thought he was going to pull out of the Vietnam war. Obama will never get caught up in the sweet narcotic of flattery of a Nobel prize and become a peace man that could jeopardize the safety of America or be a foolish hawk like Cheney and Bush that were willing to do anything for war.
In 1964 the FBI and MLK was criticizing each other in a fire-engine red hot manner. Hoover didn’t like being criticize so he attempts to get media, groups and individuals to be against him.
February 8, 1965 was the deadline for King to commit suicide or else the FBI would expose him bare to the world with their evidence of him having extramarital affairs. The FBI wanted King killed first to prevent an alliance and joining forces with Malcolm X. four days after Malcolm X was killed by black FBI informants the police found Dynamite in a movie theater where King was attending. Had the dynamite went off the FBI would have had its dream come true. It would have been an irony if King would have died by a dynamite explosion with Alfred Nobel inventing dynamite and naming the peace prize after his name and King receiving it in December of 1964. King would live three more years. They didn’t fear King linking up with anyone because X was dead, Roy Wilkins, NAACP head, was liked by the FBI, the Nation of Islam was infiltrated by FBI informants and they didn’t believe in marching for Civil Rights. King would die just like X for venturing in international affairs of the US government. X was seeking human rights at the UN and king was preaching too much peace and an end to the Vietnam war.
Notes: MLK did not trust the people around him to handle the arrangements in Oslo so he personally requested Bayard Rustin accompany him.
Jesse Jackson writes a strange foreword to James earl Ray book, King’s alleged killer stating the Military Industrial complex had reasons to kill King.
New York Times frontpage Aug, 19, 1997 The prize money MLK won, “His Children have not hesitated to claim what they view as their birthright”.
To: Mr. W. C. Sullivan
Date: December 17, 1964
From: Mr. F.E.J. Bamgardner
Special agent in Charge Rodney, New York office, telephonically furnished the following information at 8:45 a.m. today (12/17/64).
Rustin related the following to two acquaintances, Rochele Horowitz and Tom Kahn. Rustin said that when he was in Oslo, Norway, with King, he was called down by the police at 4:30 a.m. one morning because the police had caught a prostitute coming out the room of AD king (brother of Martin). AD King attempted to hide when the police came running into Martin’s room. The police accused the prostitute of stealing money, but she claimed she was paid by the occupant of AD room. Rustin claimed that he talked the police out of arresting the prostitute in order to avoid besmirching king’s reputation. Rustin also claimed that members of MLK’s entourage had naked girls running up and down the corridors of a hotel where they stayed
And were bring whit e prostitutes to their rooms….[Bureau deletion]

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I am looking for participants in a study to share their experiences as former African American males served as ED/EBD/BD in the southeast. Participants ages 18-35 will be interviewed and given the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and impressions of their school years. If interested or for more information please contact me directly. Thanks, Cheryl
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Thank you for the welcome. I have a question. I am a doctorate student in need of participants for my study. Is it allowable to post a request for study participants. If so, this is the post that would be uploaded:
Let's us all remember in 2021 to protect our energy and to do the best we can to grow and evolve.
Queen Destee im back still showing lo e after what 20+ yrs? You know always stop through from time to time
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@rhymebad ... i love you ... :love: ... what was going wrong about polls and being blocked and stuff?