Black People : Baltimore Seeks to increase its Latino Population by granting housing grants!


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
According to an article in the Baltimore Sun:,1,895802.story

Baltimore's Mayor, Martin O'Malley, is seeking to increase the city's Latino population by issuing $3,000 housing grants. According to O'Malley, Latinos will "revitalize" Baltimore's economy. For those who don't know Baltimore is primarily an African American city, and it is currently facing severe unemployment. Yet instead of creating jobs for the people who already live there. Mayor O'Malley instead seeks to create jobs for immigrants who will be brought into the area (Baltimore's Latino population is currently less than 6%). This is a clear example of what can happen when we elect people who do not have our best interest in heart. We have to exercise our vote, to remove people like this from office. :censored:


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May 11, 2004
I am pretty sure that this effort, even though having potential of success on paper, will fail. The first item of attraction for any migrating group is the procurement of employment. If there aren’t any jobs, people will not migrate. I think the mayor was thinking if housing are being built, people who work constructions will find job, lawyers, mortgage brokers, pets controllers will all have more business, hence generating revenue for the area. However, as I mentioned earlier, if there aren’t any jobs, there certainly will not be any migration. As a result the dude should be kick out of office when next election comes because he created such a stupid plan, and also because he is culturally challenged. This excerpt from the article will drive my point home, I think.

"They're going to revitalize our city," said Jose O. Ruiz, O'Malley's liaison to the Hispanic community. "They're hard workers. They pay taxes and never complain. Let's reach out to them."


Jul 2, 2003
Your article can't be opened unless I join the site. I usually don't do that so I'm coming from just how I feel from what you reported.

I too am concerned like you said that the mayor is catering to the latino citizen, and voter to revitalize his city.

When all cities across the U.S. like Baltimore has failed communities of African Americans. Every city has codes on housing, and city services. I have posted Baltimores. I can't open it just yet because I have to update my PDF reader. But what I can say is I have gone thru California's and what I found is that monies and resources by mandate and law have to be placed yearly into community services and improvements.

Bottom line is every state in the Union has mismanaged funds and haven't done their job. Black American's like no one else have to use this time to complain and bring issues like this into fruition.

This day, this time is ideal for African Americans to show force and move for change.

After the election we are going to find, again, deaf ears and a cold climate for change, and like other times when we wait and hope for hand outs. They never come.

I'm not sure of this mayors intent, but he is catering toilatino votes to win this election, and get that 6% or more to lean for the current administration. Its a hand out for votes. $3,000 grand isn't enough to buy a home, and like Luver2B said : without jobs, no one Black or Latino will be able to move properly with the money held out.

Think of it. Its like he is trying to say the latino community is homeless, and may be living on the street and he wants to give them housing. :uzi: Whats up with that?

I encorage all that read this to get more educated, on your city services, and city codes and laws on the books. This way you know your rights, can press city officials and demand your rights and have information that can be used to put forth an argument to the cities to improve the streets, lighting, jobs, and services.

Wake up my people! don't take this lying down.


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Brother Hodee:

The mayor is obviously trying to secure the Latino vote in Baltimore; however, as was stated in the article B-more has a very small Latino community. What is so outrageous about this case is that the Mayor isn't just making special preferences to the existing Latino population of the city......he wants to bring in more Latinos to the city & provide employment for them. He wants to do this at the expense of the city's major demographic (African Americans), who he has made no effort to find employment for. All the Latino + White population in Baltimore couldn't re-elect this man, if we vote in the numbers that we are "supposed" to. However, as you well know the majority of us don't vote. With this he probably figures by catering to Whites & Latinos he will be in office for years to come. Wake up black folk......Wake up Baltimore!!


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Mar 10, 2004
ATL SHAWTY! Mr. Coli Park
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This is a vain attempt by the mayor of Baltimore to create a Latino Economic and Political Surge as it is in Miami. He needs to stop smoking crack.

While I am happy that my latino people are getting something; I still realize that this is not helping any latino who already stays in baltimore. this is a call for the Latino Upper-Class. He needs to realize it aint happenin.

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