Black Poetry : Bad Luck: Poem dedicated to the homeless


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Jun 23, 2006
This poem is from my first book of poetry called The Face on the Clock has a Smile, it is dedicated to the homeless.

Bad Luck

Call 911 for an emergency
My rent is overdue
My credit card is over the limit
It's been days since I saw sky blue

I lost my job some time ago
I'm on the street without an address
My friends are all gone, my honey is too
I'm homeless and in distress

I owned a car, a Pontiac
Was black with tan interior
Attracted the attention of all the girls
Made the other guys feel inferior

My goal was to become a millionaire
Now it's just to find some luck
I've lost so much, I have no pride
Hey Buddy! Can you lend me a buck?

Broke is as absolute as total darkness
It doesn't come in degrees
Without a nickel, dime or quarter to spend
I have nothing to offer but need

It's raining now, but there's a drought for me
My crops are all dried up
The moon just slid behind a dark cloud
Even my street is named Bad Luck

What did I do to deserve this treatment?
I didn't commit a heinous crime
I'm not spending days in a prison now
But just the same, I'm serving time

If I won a million dollars today
I'd take a ride away from here
Find a home in Friendlyville
Someplace to arrest my fears

But with bad luck lurking close behind
I feel I'm in a trap
Call 911 for an emergency
I'm fed up with this crap

Say a prayer for the homeless and make an offering if you can.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
word up and big love for this ......something we need to help in anyway
we can.


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Oct 4, 2003
Posed with heart and realism, thank you so much for this. Not enough can be penned about the perils of the homeless.


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Oct 21, 2005
I totally enjoyed every stanza in this poem, poet. Very down to earth. What a despicable existence; I couldn't fathom enduring such. An Afrikan proverb states that a man without a home has nothing. Homelessness is a cycle; there is hope, however:spinstar:



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