Black Poetry : Baby Girl Save Your Virginity


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.

Baby girl pure as snow be wise and your future

will be yours; Never give away your most precious

Jewels, you can never get it back once its gone;

Do you know the secret to a man’s heart the virgin?

Shall always be the prize of a real man.

Be prepared to be hurt by young love,

But a soldier protects her most important

Jewels, life many times is a challenge to be young;

But the values of a women is how she carries her self

In Gods eyes, the closes to God, creations of life.

Baby girl when you say no he will treat you like a

Queen; even though he may beg and pretend;

But if he walks away and never come back.

You will start to understand what love is all about.

Practice the word no and baby girl he will

Continue to come; until he changes your mind.

So think about it this way, the more you say

No, he will continue to come back. Young men

Love challenges; and respect the vigorous woman;

You own the most precious jewels in life.

A man has three types of women, which are

Different from all, one he loves, one a friend

And one he will dog. The liberation of a woman

is not how many men she has in a stall;

But a man that will treat her as a queen;

and give her his last name.

Be a wise woman of the world education is wealth,

In addition, security is freedom that no man can take.

Never be deprive of self-respect. It is worth more

than silver and Gold; Be leader and not a follower;

Trust a little, trust few, and be able to peddle

your own canoe; Baby Girl learn how to say no;

Be selfish when it comes to self-respect.

A man will crawl in the gutter and stand up, and

clean his self off. He will always be the man

Who got lost in life; but is accepted for reform.

A women that crawls in the gutter will always;

Be the dirt of the land; Fear not acceptance,

Validation comes within; fear not groups that

Will stir you in the wrong way;

Listen and you

shall learn what it is to be A Queen with honor;

A coward dies a thousand times;

but brave men

will only die once. The woman shall be

the Queen of her foundation;

Strong minds make

strong leaders, its nothing wrong;

with one friend; Be a leader not a

Follower you will always loose your self.

Men will promise you love, men will promise

the world; But a woman shall have it all,

when she works hard to get it her self.

Depending on others will always make you

loose self. Education is wealth; Wisdom is power,

Understanding is the link; a powerful woman,

Its not the labels that make the woman,

But the mind that makes the characteristics.

Charisma will be the leaders of the future. Babies should not be your concern; the blind cannot lead the blind. If you are a baby your self; Dress as a lady at all times; A baby will only stop you; from all that a young woman is worthy of; great love, no high school proms, the white dress; that speaks of honor, the pack that you have with your God; No one can take it away, unless you give it away, and your destruction shall begin.

Always remember a baby shall never hold a man,

When he has to give up his future; you will become the scum of the earth.

Study hard you will be recognized; as the Queen you are; Seek and you shall find, without your history; you will be a walking zombie; without conscious are mind.

Respect your elders they are the leaders of Gods gates. The wisdom you posses with prevent hurt and pain. Humble and learn you shall be bless with riches and fame.

Always remember Gods words come first. Seek for knowledge, read and discover, grow and your Spirits will be your most precious armor.



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Mar 21, 2001
worthy wise and careful
who has the rites to an virgin
no one !

tyte truthful flow


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Oct 4, 2003
This makes me think of that saying that says that you have the rest of your life to be grown, but only a few years(relatively)to be a child...Oh, so true. Flow on poet.
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