Somalia : AU unite to establish order in Somalia

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Sep 29, 2005
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Is this war about the US trying to topple Somaliland? After the 1991 Civil War in Somalia part of the country withdrew and became Somaliland.
NO. The war is not about the US trying to topple Somaliland. Its about Islamic Jihadists trying to eliminate the Sufi population and extend Jihadist hegemony in the Horn of Africa.



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Aug 13, 2009
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should, if the core principles are based on Continental unity, have the common sense and self determination to utilize collective efforts to protect any nation from,
non African interests, be they foreign or domestic!


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Feb 27, 2007
After the Al Shabab bombing in Ugaanda;

More troops are on their way to Somalia - 4,000 in total from Uganda, Guinea, and Djibouti with potentially 1,300 from Burundi - which would bring the total AU force to roughly 11,000.

Global research is a reliable, but white view site of journalism.
Most articles are non bias but the remainder of this one quibbles over number of troops and other what not, as if Africans are unable to take care of our own problems
It is "white" like you said. And, it has a "white" perspective and a 'white" slant to how it reports the news.

And, this is a prime example. It is crystal clear from African news sources that AU has tried to limit the roles that AMISOM is playing in Somalia. AMISON is not authorized to fight there except in self-defense in the face of immediate attack. This is why Uganda has resorted to targeting civilians. Civiliansa re the only targets they can find without breaking AU rules and getting their skin hurt in the process.

Also, no African countries are actively supporting AMISOM although we cannot tell from "white" sources, except Uganda, Burundi and tiny little Djibouti. Both Uganda and Burundi are Christian countries invading a Muslim country. Ethiopia is not even interested in getting bogged down in thsi fight. It is clear that Shabab has won the war. So, any intelligent African would not be interested in it. In fact, it is clear from reading Ugandan newspapers that the people in Uganda want to get out of Somalia even before the recent attacks occured. In fact, a movement in underway to vote out the sitting government due to tits involvement in Somalia. None of this can be learned by reading :"white" sources alone. They are only interested in spreading propaganda and lies.
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