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Feb 3, 2001
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Our planet is catching up with Mars, ruler of Aries and Scorpio, in an encounter that will culminate in another Mars perihelion phase between the two planets in November. The 2005-2006 apparition of Mars will be one of the most favorable of the 21st century for two reasons: Mars will be close to Earth and above the celestial equator in our sky. In August 2003, Mars made its closest approach to Earth in recorded history, and during this time there was a massive blackout in NYC. Because of this alignment - and the fact that Mars is transiting Taurus, the sign of its detriment - there will be much energy and activity in the lives of all Arians and Scorpions for the next several months...


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
Mars is about to become spectacular. As aforementioned, Earth and Mars are converging for a close encounter this year on October 30th. Distance: 42.9 million miles. To the unaided eye, Mars will look like a bright red star, a pinprick of light, certainly not as wide as the Full Moon. If Mars did come close enough to rival the Moon, its gravity would alter the Earth's orbit and raise terrible tides.

Forty-three million miles is good. At that distance Mars shines brighter than anything else in the sky except the Sun, Moon and Venus. The visual magnitude of Mars on Oct. 30 will be -2.3. Even inattentive skywatchers will notice it, rising at sundown and soaring overhead at midnight.

As aforementioned, the Mars encounter in August, 2003 was the closest in recorded history, and millions of people watched as the distance between Mars and Earth shrunk to 34.8 million miles. The 10/30 encounter, at 43 million miles, is similar. To casual observers, Mars will seem about as bright and beautiful in 2005 as it was in 2003.

Although the closest approach is still months away, Mars is already conspicuous in the early morning. Before the sun comes up it's the brightest object in the eastern sky, really eye-catching. If you have a telescope, even a small one, point it at Mars. You can see the bright icy South Polar Cap and strange dark markings on the planet's surface...
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