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Nov 2, 2005
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I came into this information and asked for the email
So this the email I recieved...apparently there might be a fight going all info presented in this thread is passed on with caution.
This was translated from Arabic so forgive if anything is unclear


to read, copy, disseminate, distribute or use the email or any attachment in any way. Please notify the sender by return email and delete this e-mail ***

Discovery of a final cure cancer without surgical intervention or chemical God

Finally real estate 'compassion' for the treatment of cancer in Egypt sponsored by Saudi

It seems that 'cancer' will turn soon, thanks to God just like an ordinary illness are treated bad cold medicine doses were available cheap 'week' has published a story Dr. Mohammed Najjar Professor of Forensic Medicine, University of Alexandria, who invented a cure for cancer of all kinds , and the registration of a patent his invention Academy of Scientific Research in Egypt remained in strenuous attempts to persuade the Egyptian Ministry of Health to adopt this invention that can erase pain of people, especially after his illness exacerbated in the modern era, having proven side-effects of acute radiation and chemical treatment to the sick and not effective in healing rate 100% .. D tried. Najjar persuade officials who clung routine They requested that the subject of Al-Azhar!!! He wondered d. Al-Najjar from the relationship with medicine, and the attempts, prompting bickering scientific inventor of thinking of emigrating to America, already hit it offers pharmaceutical companies of America to buy real estate, which was called 'Rodquis' and stop the real estate price barrier to the completion of the deal as stipulated d. Najjar not exceed the price of the medicine injection (300 pounds), which is impossible from the standpoint of the business because Americans no room 'for the feelings of the Egyptian ...

And hit European offers for the purchase of real estate, including Greece, which allowed the Prime Minister himself to contract with the Egyptian inventor until noon on the horizon presentation Saudi enthusiasm Doctor Nagar because the supply was His Royal Highness Prince Fahd bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Saud, who has personally agreement with Dr. Al-Najjar, who 'week' that in the next few days will be contracting with the Saudi Prince who built the building and will be called 'real estate compassion' after the treatment proved effective in satisfactory condition about'300 'in most types of cancer' lymphatic glands and lung, colon and pancreas' will be grant Saudi nationality to the inventor of Egypt then able to establish centres'5 'for the treatment of cancer in Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta and Damanhour and supervision with the team learned j high level of the doctors and professors tumors Egyptians be called' centres for the treatment of cancer rapidly during the month 'by the real estate and compassion which will be sold in pharmacies, but is the only treatment centres within a price not exceeding a single injection (300 pounds) and Hakntan enough of the drug to treat leukaemia 'leukemia' along with other medical preparations of the drug for the treatment of various types of cancer and will be manufacturing the drug in the largest pharmaceutical plant the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia with a branch of another Emirates already been selecting the first site in Alexandria next to the Garden International is the search for other sites to be working in full swing to be able to erase pain patients in Egypt and the Arab world
__________ NOD32 2451 (20070811) Information __________

All I can go by is this information presented I can not give complete facuals but I hope for this as much as you...and am very happy if is...

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