Nigeria : Are We In The States Of Nigerian/Igbo And Yoruba Ancestry

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Keep in mind that the term "Middle Eastern" is basically a geographical reference and all "Middle Eastern" people out-migrated from "Africa" so please lets not get caught up on these westernized linguistic references which are a result of cultural imperialism because archaeological evidence proves the interrelatedness regardless of one's interpretation.

My reason for posting these lastest posts is to address some "beliefs" that some of us in the Diaspora have, so keep this in mind brother because thats what this is for the most part a discussion of the roots of Africans in the Diaspora, well...we have "christian" folks (whose ancestors were NOT "christian") who identify somehow as "israelites" then we have those who identify as "hebrew israelites" (who actually as this rabbi is proving are more of Phoenician descent) yet "israel" itself would be considered a "middle eastern" kingdom. A LOT of black folks in Diaspora relate as "lost tribe" of Israel problem is they got wrong which one. The other thing is that some taken to Diaspora were identical to some of these taken from the alledged Jewish Igbo communities even though not all Igbo were Jewish and not all Africans in Diaspora are of Igbo ancestry which means to those who claim "lost tribe" status the question remains FROM WHERE? and WHAT BIBLE did they adhere to??

Here is another related group.

The Eket

Very similar to the glyph translated as Akhet.

The horizon or the place where the Sun rises and sets.

This leads us back to "The Land of Promise".

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May 6, 2013
Yoruba is like Freemasonry, they are in the community but grassroots folks would like to know what good they are doing for anyone other then just Yorubas, and what has been the history of their support of the Black power and Black liberation or civil rights movements, or any Black movements since reconstruction, and what have they contributed as far as Black leadership for all Black people.

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