Chief Elder Osiris : Are We All European?

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

Beloved here again the fact of our reality as African people tend you create
a line of divide about our culture hang- up.

The fact of the matter as it pertain to the Carbon Nation, African by
nature, is that we have gone through a culture transformation, some of us
willingly and some struggling to maintain some semblance of our natural
self, culturally and traditionally.

The fact is, we Africans have allowed the European environment to usurp us
Africans to the extent that many if not most of us feel more comfortable
mimicking the culture and traditions of the Europeans, more so than to
generate an attempt to reclaim our own African Heritage.

Many confused and well adopted European Africans, love to come up with such
insulting question about our Africaness by asking the question, what is
African or who is an African and what does it take to be an African?

Such foolish questions, only highlight how confuse the Europeans culture
outlook has been able to confuse the psychic of the African.

So I answer those question with a question and that is, what were we before
the coming of the Euro / Arab culture?

It is a fact that we are before all else were, is it not?

Then the question is who in the initial stage of Hue - Man development,
influenced whom?

What determine our Africaness? Nature does and it comprise of a combination
of Natural influences, such as genetics and environment, from such is
determine our appearance, and psychic development, such influence determine
the natural you.

Anything other than those natural influences will cause us to perform out of
our naturalness of Being and take on the anti-Nature of those who we allow
to influence us based on captivity and artificial environment.

So the question is, where is the true Carbon African today and the answer
is, far away from the naturalness of the self of the True African.

Can anybody become African, Hell No! Our Africaness is not something that
can be usurp or acquired at the whim or desire of another, who has not the
base of natural Carbon, along with the hydrogen and oxygen, which determine
the naturalness of the original Being.

Yes we all have in our possession those building blocks of Life but some
have more of those other ingredients than others, such as the Ammonia and

So my dear beloved, it is not the color of our blood that give cause to make
false claims that we are all the same.

European culture is not what Africans are made up of, it is just that we
have allowed it to consume us willingly, as we act and behave out of the
circle of our natural habitat, being influenced by an anti - Nature
environment, which describe the European culture.

Are we all European? not naturally so, only by the power of influence by an
anti-natural environment and so far,it seem as if the African is loving it,
as we become active in our self-denial state of mental derangement, as we
attempt to assume the identity of the European / Arab.

A European Culture is an enemy to Reparation / Repatriation

It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

Complete Love To The Black African Nation

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