Black People : Are There Any Black Afrikans Interested In Freedom?

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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Are There Any Black Afrikans Interested In Finding Out What Freedom Is Like???
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
I am a Black Afrikan who knows what God is and with such Divine Thinking knowledge you get to know in sequence with priority about the things that affect your life way of living and such a quality of mind does not have you wandering all-around in pursuit of issues causing -condition that means no benefit to you when living in confinement being oppressed by the people who is in charge of operating the world attitudinal behavior about the things the world have laid out to them about the way to act and respond to events that affect your living condition.
Therefore in a white racist house full of prejudice about Black Afrikan people living in a racist world with no power and authority to make decisions that have not already been programmed for the mind Black Afrikans now uses that have Black Afrikans believing that is the way it is supposed to be in a culture construct world by that white racist Luciferian Human Being which has no regard with respect for Black Afrikan people but you can not get Black Afrikan people to believe that Divine Truth, so we Black Afrikans now been conditioned to live a life of belief which have you with no interest in knowing what freedom is about to thinking.
So, we Black Afrikan people have been +
programmed to live with a disease of mental illness that is pandemic with infection and is terminal in the way we look at things affecting us Black Afrikan people and when we look we have no knowledge of what we are looking at because looking gives to you not the sight of virtual reality and living in a fantasy sightful world, you don't know what is Divinely True and Real and Freedom is of no interest to a believing mind that have you believing that your Black Afrikan behind is Free but you have no Afrika for the Black Afrikans, you now live as an virtual real unified Black Afrikan Nation, you have no Continental United States Of Afrika Government to Govern your Black behind in Afrika and all of the Divine Truth that actual describe Black Afrikans status in the world today, then here your Black Afrikan behind with no interest in being Free!!!
Because, we now allow that white lying deceiving racist Luciferian Human Being to dictate what our story to be to our children and coming generation who if the Black Afrikan mind is not allowed to rise again in its Divinity, there will be no respect the children will have for your Black Afrikan behind, the children will have gone to be persuaded by that racist Luciferian white Human Being, believing that white is godly and Black is devilish, beloved!!!
So the question is, will the Black Afrikans ever rise to become as Nature designed us to be, or will we remain as that white racist has trained us Black Afrikans to be, which is with a desire to be white and curse the Night of our Blackness, today we live cursing the nature of our Black self, don't even want the self of your Blackness to know again the power of Freedom of a Divine Mind.
The Mind Lucifer have your Black behind wearing today have you believing that the Mind that now shares with you profane Information is not vetted by that racist mind, and have you believing that such a believing mind do know the steps to be taken that will have you on the path to Divine Freedom and your no thinking mind expect the wise among you to lay out on this WWW.Net the plan and strategy to be used to collect our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and without our Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation Freedom will continue to be out of mental sight to you and where there is no Freedom of Mind there is no knowledge of What God Is and without such Divine information known by your Black Afrikan behind you will from day to day be with the mind of that white racist devilish satanic Luciferian Human Being!!!
Know your way to Freedom and low and behold there will you be sitting at the pinnacle of your Divine Mind living Life as Divine Black Cosmic Universal Beings having the code of eternity in your possession, your Blackness being under your control. which seek only freedom for within freedom is all there is for your Black behind to have in your possession and under your control, beloved.
But above all and first, you must desire your freedom in Real Time and not virtual time!!!

Nothing of value to you trump your Freedom Black Afrikan Woman and Man!!!
Divine Respect

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