Black Hebrew Israelites : Are the Hebrews and the Habiru the same people?


Apr 18, 2016
Most scholars reject any direct identification of the Hebrews with the Habiru in view of the following objections: (1) philological difficulties in the equation; (2) the probability that Habiru is an appellative term describing a class, whereas ʽibri is an ethnic term; (3) the considerable differences in the distribution, activity, and character of the two groups.”—Edited by E. Blaiklock and R. Harrison, 1983, pp. 223, 224.

The “Habiru” appear in Egyptian documents under the name ʽapiru. They were employed as quarry workers, wine pressers, and stone haulers. Linguistically it is not possible to identify the Egyptian word ʽapiru with the Hebrew word ʽIv·riʹ. Moreover, documents mention “Habiru” as being in Egypt long after the Hebrews had left that land.
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