Black Poetry : Apologies to the fam


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Jan 31, 2001
Chicago-In the WatchTower
I apologize to all the fam members for my strong words earlier, but most of yall know me :D... I have stood with this fam since the Afronet Days......I pray that you guys can forgive me.....I shall leave all of my ranting and raving in Pm or email.....I had not right to subject you guys to this............Yeah Right :grin: but hey i am sorry guys.....

Now I'm going back to Watchin.......

P.s. my brotha made me apologize....but I'm am sorry really......until next time.....

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Watcher ... Thank You.

All of us, from time to time, get beside ourselves.

It's okay.

Much Much Love,



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Sep 10, 2001
Kansas City, Missouri
Self Employed, Business Consultant

I know that was hard, but being who you are, you most of the time beat us by far, being quiet and observant and slow to wrath, I surely will remember when next our paths do cross.
Sincerely and completely I beg for your forgiveness.
And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
And no body told me to say it!
Thanks Watcher...for your words in the open and in private!
:peace: :peace: :peace: :peace: :peace: :peace: :peace: :peace:


Mar 22, 2001
i just caught a glimpse of the spout

i saw this post yesterday

and was like :confused: huh?

Watcher you're the coolest poet
in the forum

i knew something was really wrong
when you lost your cool :lol:

honestly, i'm not going to let it
bother me anymore

i really think some people need to

my life doesn't revolve around the
internet but when i do have time
to kill i will come and chill with the

back to my summer fun :cool: :toast:

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