Black People : Anyone Who Is With Serious Patriotism To Afrika

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Anyone Who Is With Serious Patriotism To Afrika And Is With A Desire For A Unified Black Afrikan Nation!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Then you know very well why it is that the solution to the problems that now have control of Afrika and Black Afrikan people in and out of Afrika is successful in controlling the Mind of the Black Afrikan and the Land of Afrika and it has been proven that a Nation and Land Divided is ripe to be conquered and control by the enemy in pursuit of being in authority over both, the Mind of the Black Afrikan and the Land of the Black Afrikan, which leave the Black Afrikan to be the property of our conqueror, beloved.

Today, the Land of Afrika and the Mind of the Black Afrikans is Divided, so you see, I have no time to dance with the act of ignorance that flows through the Mind of the Black Afrikan Human Being, it favor not the mind of the wise to do so, beloved.

What we observe today of Afrika and the Black Afrikan people condition, is a people who have been conditioned to choose to rather be entertained today rather than to be Divinely guided by Divine Truth and Reality, because the quality of mind that is in possession of the Black Afrikan today is that of a profane Luciferian Human Being Mind and such a deceiving mind have you to believe it is much better for the Black Afrikan people to let stand the act of division which that racist devilish satanic Luciferian Human Being created to be individual separate Country States for Afrika, which is designed to keep Afrike the Land and Afrikan the Mind to be Divided with a fire of flame that endorse Tribalism among Black Afrikan living as phony Afrika separate countries.

Such a design profit not Afrika nor the Black Afrikan Nation, now living divided and is caused to look at each other as being separate in relationship with each other!!!

If Afrika being separate is the natural state of relationship to be for the Black Afrikan Nation, then why in the Hell did Mene travel up from the South to the North of Afrika with one intention in mind and that was to unify what had been recognized by ignorance of mind caused by the conquering racist devilish enemy of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, Two separate Land being of the same continent.

The King Warrior Mene who created around 3000BC the pharaoh dynasty to govern in one undivided Afrika, he showed up in Northern Afrika not to praise that racist devil but to take Afrika back, having Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans, no division of State so call Afrika Countries, but to reestablish the all of Afrika to be again one unified Black Afrika Afrikan Nation Continent again.

No Law is justified that create the division of a people Nation from their Land and what you have in Afrika today is a Divided Afrika with Black Afrikans parading all over Afrika as being in possession of Separate Afrika States by international Law standards, and Countries by Black Afrikan ignorant standards, out to maintain and preserve the phony boundary line created by that white racist lying deceiving Satanic unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being to whom we Black Afrikans today bow too, and now allow to educate the Children of the Sun, today.

It is the profane mind ignorance that attempt to nullify the Divine Truth by educating you with lies out to deceive you, but know that lies and deception is no match to the Divine Truth and Reality which is present in the Divine Mind Nature designed us Black Cosmic Universal Beings with, we who now been converted to favor being entertained rather than to have a desire to remember all that our experience has taught to us to know about, and we know by the use of Common **** Sense, beloved.

So all that I share with you today is in need of being implemented, we must act to come into the possession of our Freedom again beloved and remember, there is nothing that rises above Freedom, for in Freedom reside the Greater Good-God of all that be in the physical and appears not to be physical, beloved..

So, when I ask of you what Time is it, I expect to get an answer from you, with action showing that we Black Afrikans are ready to have governing us in Afrika a United States Of Afrika Continental Government and we will not allow that racist element in the world to prevent us from enjoying our Freedom again in Afrika, as a Unified Black Afrikan Nation we must live again, beloved!!!

I do not need the Divine Truth that I share with Black Afrikans to be verified by other so call Black Afrikans, the Divine Truth is known and is recognized by a Divine Mind and it is ignorance that attempt to nullify that which Nature has designed to be, which is our Black Behind.

So take it or leave it, but only the Divine Mind know which to do, beloved Black Afrika People!!!

Divine Respect

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