Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Anyone gonna participate in the Distance Learning program that the AAS is offering?


Well-Known Member
Dec 30, 2006
Thanx Dany....I'll be getting involved primarily to donate ......I'll be shooting some money to Destee in Sept. as well. I am investigating info on this site and checking the videos but it looks like my resources will be going here too

(My simple goals)
1) Support a heterogeneous online community with fragmented allegiances but a common fulcrum (Blackness) (Destee)

2) Support the communty that aligns itself with my spiritual template in particular although no template "in particular" can define Khem kefaab MenNefer. (Ausar Auset Society)

3) Support a Khemunity that seeks to construct & nurture an Afrikan based Khemunity *In Afrika* starting with land ownership.


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