Black Poetry : another one of those kisses and some oatmeal


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
and still
there is this...

somewhere this is a place
a place that allows togetherness to luxuriate
in the timelessness of our majesty
a place where to be a black woman
full of love hope and splendor with you
is as common as the high salinity of the red sea
is as desired as a soft breeze against my skin in mid july
is as necessary as brilliant moonlight to illuminate
our embrace while on a midnight stroll

truly there is a special place
a place where i stand beside you
full of admiration for your manhood
full of dedication to your warrior spirit
full of appreciation for your consciousness

for it is in this place
i greet your tolerance with tolerance
match your respect with respect
praise your honor with honor
uplift your kindness with kindness

yes, it is within this place called harmony
that i humbly thank you for loving me
the beautiful way only a black man can

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