Black People : and this attitude toward us persists even today.

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Mar 13, 2010
STL Missouri

Well now it appears opposite. Since we got a black pres, it's 'support the pres and you support idle wastful negroes. Support congress and you support the white man.'


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Oct 4, 2009
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We see a derogatory image however the statements about the White House

Have returned and are at present the national and future policy.

Conspiracy researcher retired Naval Intel. William Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) stated in regards to the belief systems of those ruling 2% behind the scenes,
"It makes no difference wether you believe in what they believe in, they will implement their ideologies no matter how bizzarre they may seem.

As the fact that there are only 4 or 5 liberals while the rest are bipartisan neocons, and sellouts, in Washington, thse belief systems regarding Black folks are being and will be implemented.

The question remains, as large segents of the Black middle class fall into poverty, and large segments of the working poor fall into destitution,

Will we be creative enough to have manifest a National Black safety net for those, whose unemployment, and welfare will be cut off, food stamps stopped, and section 8 assistance abolished?

Politics is something one has to look at dispassionately, scientifically and critically. All of that stuff about Cain the Republican party, knew long before the primairies and were well aware when it happened. They used Cain to see after 3 years of Obama were working class and poor whites in the south as racist as believed, an they found out that they were wrong! Cains votes came form them not us, maybe a few uperclass blacks but that's it, so the point is the views have changed, and to be honest about it the poor and working class whites new not only that we were not lazy but more industrious then them in some ways a [s well as excelled in education faster coming off the plantations, and the growth and success and industry of Black folks enraged them so much that the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan was created in retaliation ! Reconstruction scared the (blank) out of them, because during slavery we had all of the skills and they had no need to learn or pass it down to their offspring, so after slavery we were the industrious ones! The point is now with all of this technology we have and a trillion dollars spent last year, why are we not as industrious to build safety nets and self sufficiency for ourselves collectively?

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