Black Poetry : An Eveninng walk trough the streets of Amsterdam


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Aug 24, 2002
social worker...
Tram bells Loud rushing..
Humbeling crowd ..
I step out and start walking and greet PrinsHendrikkade ""ijai sir"'
I pass nieuwezijdsevoorburgwal"and Singel i walk in to the Haarlemerstreet...
Kick left ...
Kick right..
kick at the stones and look at the dimming houselights..
I enter the prinsencanal and they all dance with me as one leads me to
a rose at my favorite spot ....The ""FlowercaneL a .k .a "bloemgracht"'
I sit there quiet as a cat comes up to me with his milkyways...
I turn out my pockets and he goes "'miauw"'..""look i have nothing ...
here go now .....""miauw"" and my heart says ""auw"'
""go you remind me of my lonelyness""
So i got up and contiuneu my walk to Lijnbaansgracht...
At the corner i look at the cat who followed me... ""maybe next time ok""
I passed Lijnbaansgracht and make quick steps through the Marnix street..
on my right hand they "'relode the Matrix "" for the Cinema .I see a couple standing kooshyclose together standing in line...
he shows her the tickets and she smiles.....
i bow my head...
but i smile...
Kick right..
kick left..
kick right...
hands in my jacket..
I kick a stone to Leidseplein...
Crowdy cafe,s are smoking..
passengers drunk,laughing ,joking...
Woman and Man in dinneroutfits...
homeboys and girl diggin it...
counterculturists ..
showing their ease down Bliss...

This is Amsterdam at Night...

IN Paradiso & Melkweg Tonight on Stage LIVe !

I take a icecream on the corner why not...
and check out the acrobatic art...
than i contineu my walk..

Kick right ..
kick left..
step ..right..
step ..relax..
From Leidse (clothing) street trough the Keizersgracht..
I peak trough the windows and watch gallary,s...
The little old boats in the canals and the Painted Bikes....

Amsterdam is alright...

I freeze cause i feel a night Breeze...
I take a little piece of the Regulierscanal.. (and starting to sing regulators)
and the Heren canal ...
I arrive at Rembrandsplein
as i look at his Statu and ask him.....
""have you painted these streets in youre head Rembrand "'?
"'Who was youre muse""

"did i heard it good ...what you said ""
"did you say today it was ..You ?""

i eyewinked him...
and continued my journey..
kick left...
Kich right...
""Hey liberty ! Come with us Tonight !""
"'no thanks i catch up with you another time ....
tonight i just take a quiet evening walk and thats Fine....
I Pass Breestreet and Muntplein..
kalverstreet i jump and swing taking the big mirroe windows when i,m rockin the Rokin... I stand still at Madame celebs and arrive at the Dam...
and watch the spoiled rude pigions and look at the clock.....
"'the years flew bye Amy "" i said..
At nieuwedijk i take french fries at Mac...
and give some change to a homelessman
at Damrak..who tells me his lifestory and reminds me..
i havent got it that bad.
Than heading to central station to get on my bus..
I smile..
It was a nice quiet evening walk....
through the streets of Amsterdam...

I come home and put some music on..
I listen to a song ""easy "'of Al jerreau and think about the City,s in the world.. and about finding my Home..
Than i put on D ,angelo,s ""brownsuga"" and i want to see more,,
I suddenly want to put on some hot clothes and go out...
later on i hear ""cruisin"" and ""lady"" and i lay back.. think about my
quiet evening walk and i whisper..
I,m shure gonna miss you Mam Amy...
and an echo responds and she say,s...
"'I,m gonna miss you to .....
people like you makes what Amsterdam is about""

"'but you can always come back and visiting me""

""i will Amy"'

""so dont change""

"'please dont change""


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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
day care provider (own business)
very beautiful poem...I like the way you wrote this.I enjoyed every line...keep writting.


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Jan 16, 2004
In the Country..
always wanted to chex out
thas a real live
tour you put to scrip
real live words
you put to life

one love,


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
u really took me there loved this flow and the
well expressed feelings form it tyte thankz


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Mar 26, 2004
high school student
I like this piece I was a lil confused with the words but I made it lol lovin this drop continue on sistah :wink:

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