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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin

The Hebrews were heavily influenced by pagan ideas, beliefs and customs. Any brief cursory examination will bear this out. However, without the proper understanding of the Egyptian religion ,as well as others, will make this comparative link more difficult for the average reader and student of the bible.

When Moses/Akhenaten lead his army and civilians out of Egypt for their Exodus his troops and tribes backslidden into a so called pagan idol worship. Moses left his people to get some law tablets from up above a mountain and his people went into a panic and shock. The Jews thought Moses was dead so they made a replacement for him in the image of “The Golden Calf”. This calf could have been an image of Osiris or Hathor. At one time Moses did carry the name Osarseph a deviation of Osiris. But more likely the golden calf was Hathor with Hathor being the goddess of gold and Cows, heifers and calfs.

“Egypt is a pretty Heifer” (Jeremiah 46:20).

Why was Moses so upset with his people and the golden calf? According to Herodotus says “The people of Marea and Apis, on the Libyan frontier took a dislike to certain religious observances, epecially the prohibition against eating the flesh of heifers; accordingly, they sent back the shrine of Ammon and said they were in no way bound by Egyptian customs” (Book 2:18). Moses saw his people sliping back into the Egyptian religion from which he turned away from?

I don’t know why the Jews chose Hathor, the Golden calf, but I will shed some competitive plausible explanations. The Egyptian name for Heaven is Hathor, which means House of Horus and Beth-el both signify the same thing- links between a ruling god’s house and heaven. Now the star of Bethlehem is an Egyptian house. Moses is pegged with Horus just like Jesus is sided. All legitimate Egyptian Kings aligned themselves with the god Horus. Horus was the embodiment of divine Kingship and the protector of reigning kings. No wonder we have Jesus being born in Bethlehem (Beth-el). Now the myth of Moses being placed in an ark was invented by allies of Moses and was patterned after an Egyptian myth about the birth of Horus (The only legitimate ruler of Egypt) in order to give Moses a valid claim to the throne of Egypt and to challenge to the newly installed ruler.

Jesus also patterned his miracles after Horus. The most famous is turning water into wine at the fictional city called Cana. Cana is the Canal were Horus made “grape-water“. The Egyptian Kings and Queens ended with the death of Cleopatra in 30BC. Therefore the story of Jesus being associated with the legitimate king Horus in 4BC when Herod died is a fabrication. Jesus lived had to lived under another name of Tutankhamen a contemporary with his father in law Moses/Akhenaton a thousand plus years before. The Da Vinci code book claims Jesus was married because he was called “Bridegroom” at the fictional Wedding at Cana. Jesus was married and had daughters but we must back date the time, place and names back to 1360 BC not 30AD. The real birth and marriage certificates are probably dried up into papyrus dust in Egypt by now. Jesus was not married to Mary Magdalene her real name was Ankhsenpa-aten.

Egyptian mythology was used as motifs to tell their stories and folklore in the same manner Cleopatra used the personification of Isis in her religious ceremonies with her lovers Caesar and Mark Anthony. Now Moses replaced Isis with his wife Nefertiti’s image. Jesus associated his death with the Egyptian firstborn killed during the Exodus. I would conclude he was Egyptian and lived during the time of Moses. How else could Moses have conversation with Jesus in the NT. Talking to the dead was a sin you know.

Moses and Jesus had Egyptian blood in their veins why else link them with Egyptian gods. If they were white the mainstream press would have lifted their censored veil on this a long time ago. The media have deep-sixed the real story of Egypt and Jesus. Until the light is allowed a crack into the air people will be spinning in darkness for a long time.

Christianity an ancient Egyptian religion By Ahmed Osman
101 Myths of the Bible By Gary Greenberg

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