Black Travel : AMTRAK Train 188 Carrying GOP Members To Virginia Retreat Hits Garbage Truck In Crozet Virginia

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Oct 1, 2017
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Of all things to hit, a garbage truck. The irony and symbolism...I mean, you just can't make this stuff up, right? smh

It's ironic alright NNQ. The Redbutts ended up right where they belonged, in a heaping pile of trash while heading to the primary trailer trash inbred state in Amerikkka. On another note, I heard from a AMTRAK NEC engineer that as per AMTRAK policy any hours of service operating department employee (Engineer, conductor and/or brakeman) on any train involved in any incident are to be immediately taken out of service and immediately transported to the nearest hospital to submit to a drug screen while a relief crew secures the train and by no means is it to move until AMTRAK police, AMTRAK officials and NTSB investigators arrive. Not only was the heavily damaged lead engine uncoupled from the train but it was moved several hundred yards from the accident scene and switched to a pocket siding and left there completely unprotected then the relief crew was ordered to move the train (That killed a man) to the next station where there was buses waiting (That was fast) to take the Redbutts to their destination. That has never been done before in the history of any American railroad and heads will be rolling behind this one. I'm sure massive pressure was exerted on the relief crew to pull this one but the Redbutts will not take the hit, as usual the relief train crew better start updating their resumes. BLET will provide union lawyers as usual but this was a seriously bad move. When AMTRAK and NTSB arrived the train was "GONE". Oh and also AMTRAK has a standing policy that no matter who is at fault they sue the party involved in any incident for any damage to their equipment and overtime pay accrued from relief train crew call up along with court cost plus any other attached judgement's occurring from plaintiff lawsuits from passengers or other persons naming AMTRAK as a respondent.


This was another train vs. truck accident sometime somewhere else where trains prove that contrary to popular belief they really can't stop on a dime.

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