Black People Politics : America is the Fall before Rome


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Apr 7, 2013
And that's why I started this Willa, because if I'm a big bad boogie man commie then I'd be the strangest red you ever met as I worked in the private sector after my discharge in 1970 then have owned and operated my own business since about 1981. Now semi-retired on the equivalent of 40 acres and a mule. Unless you count my black power days the closes I've been to the boogieman commies is when I marched with Chavez in 66 I think it was. And by the way I still believe in unions and I still believe in black power....guess that makes me some kind of rat in the kitchen.
The way you fly into a blind rage and rant every time even the thought or smell of socialism comes around doesn't really bother me personally (I do after all live in the USA and used to those kind of raving) but for you it limits your scope of reality.

For instance:

Please provide us with the direct quote where the article 'extols communism's inclusive ideology'. Or provide any quote attributed to the author of the piece that extols the virtues of any ideology for that matter.
Your hatred of the word social colors everything you read and hear to the point of blindness of anything else that may be happening.
A blind rage? I assure you no blind or rage. Maybe urgent pointing to indications you're headed for a bad deal if you choose something other than democracy. Why would you want somebody else writing rules for you who others have already shown in all the Socialist nations that they come up short on their economy to manage medical availability where in people, children have to find a way here to get the saving procedures in the States.

While our government may have a debt margin, the very citizens can carry their own weight for others and individually because of capitalism. We still give to our favorite charities like Doctors Without Borders for financing to other countries with help of our donations. That is it. The citizen side of this nation with our capitalism takes care of each other from our pocket money in donations we make to help the poor. This Capitalist nation has set up Welfare and Social Security. We actually send help to other needy nations. The most advertised recently is citizen help to Israel for their elderly poor.

Capitalism is the advantage that works best for a moral equal class level, inclusive, social dynamic for our citizens to thrive under. I would just ask, if you were struck with hunger and you couldn't find your way to the welfare office, what Socialist nation would you want to live in? I would be hanging out at Burger King with a plastic bag. People could get fat on the food people waste at Burger Kings.


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Jun 14, 2018
Give up democracy really? Anybody reading this thread hear me say anything about giving up any democracy? Any one hear me say anything about capitalism needs to be done away with?

No blind rage? Listen to yourself Willa. Your words speak for themselves.

On that touted medical front, the last I heard people were going to Canada and Mexico to score needed drugs they could afford and people who needed dental care were headed to Mexico for the same reason. And the people that needed surgery were trying to find a way to India because it was cost prohibitively expensive here.

Our government might have a debt margin. LOL
If the US would even entertain the thought, what it owes to it's own citizens would bankrupt this country even if it weren't already living in debt on a credit card much less talking about the damages outside it's border.

I heard that one city was already allowing illegals to vote. And another has an illegal Mayor because "we want to understand the illegal point of view." Move one game piece ahead fifteen spaces.
Sources you heard this from please.
Symbol of America, I had no idea regarding a Russian move-in strategy. Add that to the conversation I heard between Mexican men in a barbershop talking about the plan to take what is theirs back, America, through a major move in strategy.
You heard this in a barber shop? Ooh it must be true.
Our armament is our personal vote and talking about this situation with others.
Ah so we've gotten back to how the Roman Empire fell.
The military ate up so much of it's capital (i.e. resources) defending it's borders it couldn't maintain the social status quo internally.


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Jul 13, 2016
I did not read the entire thread so forgive me if this a repeat. What has brought us down is the poison pill that was implanted at our inception. To form the Union the founders had to compromise with the South and this led to the electoral college. We were doomed from that day forward. We are a nation in it's infancy, only 242 years old. We are already fraying at the seams. If we plan to move forward as a nation we have to take the words of the founders seriously. By the way, we are not a democracy, we are a republic. Just putting that out there.

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Nov 17, 2006
All I can do is :facepalm:

...The neo-feudalist economy caused by unchecked, unregulated capitalism that turned at best a winking nod to social welfare, more often a blind eye, and at worst a joyous ax, has facilitated a nationalist, authoritarian rise in pitch, and an abrupt shift right in federal ideology. Donald Trump is both the drooping wilted leaf of this societal rot, and the root, but why?

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