Black Poetry : Always been good with her hands and now comes with a hood plan expenses ate up the profit convinces her not to drop it like its hot so she stop kissin


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May 11, 2006
Always been good with her hands
and now comes with a hood plan
expenses ate up the profit
convinces her not to drop it
like its hot so she stop kissing
and listening to boys they words missing
something, they use gadgets not magic
they take up much space results in a tragic
as they search for lace, ate a Hershey
but hate controversy
that's chocolate chip
on a rocket ship
a scene in the movie
where she's queen and groovy
and boy wanna take her out
for lunch and Hawaiian punch
and possibly some Captain Crunch
and manage to take some home for munch
my computer forever fails
like feathers from a rooster's tail
junk do fly this boy wanna pump
my pie come with junk and a lie chump
not today her panties hot anyway
jest kisses not a plenty to say
“now I'm a red bone in VIRGINIA BEACH
skin tone is that of a yellow peach
this is Black Hip Hop, so at this time
folks sweaty and ready for a phat rhyme
look my flight not right
got into a fight
with the cashier
I may crash right here
before take off oh dear
her butt round no surprise
but been cut down to size
because a rapping around for pies
got my foot in the game
but was put to shame
now boo you a RED BONE with cake
and you got your head on straight
so give me some, need a break
“NAW PLAYER you from the street
and wild
not meek and mild
go ahead and peep my style
I keep it in a file
swallow hate these days
can't tolerate delays
hypnotic scriptures
and erotic pictures
upgrades HipHop
she's a queen thats deft
but can't demean herself
so she accepted a kiss
and may need help with this
because she got cute lace
inside her suitcase
and boys do chase
after that, jest to taste
some, oh here comes
one now, “OK LOOK boo
HOOKED checking you
and how you be wrecking crew
with beauty and booty so who
you be giving it to
you don't know do you
look zero wisdom
is not heroism
phenomenon quotes
are for common folks
it bring about great change
you wear bling as my cake is rearrange
a red bone is never in the bed alone
it's her skin tone that's got minds blown
a yellow Soul S-ista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH a red bone be hot
and see a lot, he wanna use his
finger to fiddle down there
leave her mind in the middle of nowhere
well she gave a boy some one time
at KROGERS proud like clouds rhyme
and float across a blue sky
got true pie
and my coo-chee do fry
now and then
and some how men
wanna knock the boots
and that could shock a cute
my hips are round math
so I can skip down a path
he see jive
and like a beehive it
sting his bling a honey legit
then, oh he jest kissed her
lips right in the store and prefer
some tongue but he didn't wanna


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May 11, 2006
He see whack
but can't let this detract
from his chance
to find a romance
one girl had to humble her lips
they made a boy stumbled trip
and fell they were red and wet
a boy's head get twisted yet
he remain boss to rap tight
but he lost my appetite
he has a desire to satisfy
but need her phat pie
to proceed, you have a wish to obtain
and a job to kiss this dame
comes to his car he thought fuel
but he fought the duel
of high gas prices
is fast becoming a crisis
so when we have a long conversation
she face strong domination
This is BLACK HIP HOP in

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