Black People : All US Navy Ships At Sea - Why?


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Feb 18, 2004
If the navies of the world were putting to sea en masse - and they are (10 carrier groups out from US alone - 93 per cent of ALL US naval ships are at sea - official stats)....

And if the Federal Reserve Bank was force-feeding liquidity into the system at rates that exceeded the post-911 period, then a few reasonably sound deductions might be made of this....


Jul 2, 2003
The whole article was deep. Thanks for bringing the thought. Something is up, and wicked this way comes.

" I'm at peace with my savior! " .


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Some of these ships are now sailing the western coast of Africa, to protect US interest. Namely they are there to protect the oil rich countries of Nigeria & Equatorial Guinea (Mrs. PanAfrica's native country). To my knowledge none of this countries asked for help...I know Nigeria didn't. I would appear that the new age of Imperialism has begun.


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Jul 9, 2003
new jersey
I hate to say I told you so.... Perhaps I didn't say outright something was headed this way. but like a title in the article says, "Something wicked this way comes"

The question is, "wicked" for whom?


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Jul 9, 2003
new jersey
A few more things to add. Like the article says, the sun's magnetic field is changing. This occurs every 11 years. We are just coming off what is called solar maximum. This means the sun is emitting super heated charged particles called ions, or what is known as coronal mass ejections.

The sun also experiences sunquakes, and increase sunspots during this period. When these CME's occur, they produce huge flares that are often directed toward earth. The problem with this is that a current around the earth, called the Toiradal current gets pushed away, leaving the earth exposed. Yes.... causing incineration.

The "weather" patterns on the sun and earth are symbiotic. So what ever you have occuring on the Sun will eventually occur on the earth. Naturally the exception would be that the earth cannot burn up the sun.

But there is another sun that needs to be considered. and that is Sirius A. This sun's magnetic field is also changing. Some of us may know that Sirius is the brightest star in the heavens, and many cultures consider it the mother of stars. It is said that information travels on vectors of light. Could it be that the powers that be are preparing for a magnetic shift in the form of a "super storm" That in factthe magnetic field is on the brink of collapsing? Leaving an electric universe.

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