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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
All oppressed Black Afrikans Must Move Away From Having A Civil Rights Mentality, It's Time To Become Free In Afrika.

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Can Black Afrikans Ever Get Serious About Becoming Serious Again

There is something seriously wrong with the Soul Of Black Afrikan People, we Have A Greater Problem With The Divine Truth Than That White Racist Unjust Prejudice Devilish Satanic Luciferian Human Being and unless the serious Black Nationalist Garveyites And Pan Afrikans rise to assume the lead in fighting to save the Mother Land Afrika and to organize to collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, there will be no revisit of Freedom, Justice, And Independence which is necessary to have a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again to be in Afrika and without much of that caliber of living happening, there is not going to be a United States Of Afrika Government to be in Afrika, only with such happening will there be a sign of the return of the Divine Soul Of Black Afrikan People.

All Of Black Afrikans on the Continent Of Afrika should lead the way in Demonstration against open-air execution of George Floyd , Quadaffi and all of the Murdering of our sisters and brothers who no longer Live because of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice against Black Afrikan people because what you need to be able to see what is going on in America and across Afrika, is that there are white oligarch factions guiding the core power of that action you are looking at that is going on using George Floyd as a cover but do not give one **** about the oppressive status of Black Afrikan people and we Black Folks need to stop allowing our Backs being used to prop up the agenda of the so-called Democratic extremist in America and all over Afrika and the white world they who are united against Black Afrikans ever receiving our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation.

What the evil Racist forces are depending on is that their indoctrination brainwashing of Black Afrikans Soul is so successful until Black Afrikans has no more a Divine Soul to guide and protect Black Afrikans from the tricks of the Luciferian Human Being.

Listen, there is no more of an issue that crosses geographical bounds all of which Black Afrikans are present and at this period of Time the Black Afrikan world should join Mind in unity to be in support and to call for Reparation/Repatriation of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors!!!

Because, there is no one else of Ethnicity difference from Black Afrikans that is going to champion the fight for Freedom, Justice, and Independence for our Enslaved Ancestors and that environment, all Black Afrikans dead and alive has a right to enjoy and not until the Descendants of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, we who constitute the Black World today, receive in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors and our colonized Afrikan Ancestors the Reparation owed to them, all of the Civil Rights Cry for Justice Black Afrikan Americans do will not be no problem solver because All Oppressed Black Afrikand at home in Afrika and abroad out of Afrika must return to Afrika if there is to be a resolution to the Race problem in the world and it is the Black Afrikan Race and the White European Race that can cause the resolution of Racism and Unjust Prejudice coming from white people against Black Afrikan people and that Racial problem solver is the Reparation/Repatriation that is power to our Enslaved Ancestors, causing a massive exodus back to the Mother Land, Afrika.

You see, the fact that there is a difference of conclusion as to the cause of George Floyd Death shows that Racism Lying and deceiving goes on even in the death cause of Black Afrikans when at the hand of the ruling authority.

Only our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation can become the problem solver of Racial discrimination and systemic oppression, racism, and injustice against Black Afrikan people.

Only Revolutionary action by Black Afrikan people will have Freedom, Justice, and Independence to revisit Afrika and Black Afrikan people!!!

Therefore, I Ask Of You Black Afrikan People, Am I Such A Fool To Have The Divine Vision I Have For Afrika And Black Afrikan People And For Knowing How Serious The Task Is For Having Such A Vision To Become A Reality To Afrika And Black Afrikan People?

So, I Ask Again, What Time Is It???

Yes Seriously, Are You Ready For The Time That Requires Your Freedom, And Reparation/Repatriation Represent That Freedom To Be In Afrika?

Divine Respect
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