Black Positive People : All Black Male School 100% College Bound

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa and Real Truth!

All Black Male School 100% College Bound ...Little Nubian Kings in the making!

Well, how about that?!... Much respect to all of these young brothers, I myself did not have the drive to complete high school, so this is inspiring to me. Wow a full 100 percent?!, sis, that is not only awesome, that is monumental to say the least. All I can really say is keep on doing you, and hold onto what you dream for. From the parents, staff, students, and others involved, I feel I should thank, and honor you all for your dedication to seeing that this was made possible.... brilliant young minds! You all are future leaders, and you have my word that I will continue to, strive more to be beacons of love, compassion, truth, understanding, strength to any, especially my Brothers, Mothers, Fathers, and Daughters... Thank you, little Kings.

Josef, my brother friend, you hit the nail on the head...and you are still a Nubian King, Brother Josef:



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Oct 4, 2009
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Great, now how do we replicate this?

Across he nation?

At present admissions are by lottery or luck,

but with 800 bilion dollars can't we afford to make this kind of enrichment available to every single Black young woman and young man in the nation?

We have something to work on.

The facts are clear, this works, now how do we simply make this available to all?
I also believe we should get involved with this school as much as possible in terms of real support, to show our appreciation and solidarity


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Mar 13, 2010
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I myself did not have the drive to complete high school,
Neither did I. Neither does my son. My daughter struggles with all parts of academics.

I had no drive to complete school because I was not guided to do so. I didn't foresee a future where it could benefit me. I am a high school drop out. I don't regret that because luckily they have system that 'catches' you and it's called a GED. I would have graduated at 19 or 20 years old had I stayed in HS. I got my GED at 16 and started my first year of college at 17. Now that college things - a 'notha story. I'll leave that be. There are many arguments against the GED program, saying it undermines trying to complete HS and graduate. I disagree. I'm glad it was there for me.

When my son was struggling in middle and high school, I offered him this option, the GED option and Job Corps (that where I got my GED). His dad is a HS graduate (and nothing beyond), and didn't like the idea so his persuasion was to stay in HS. My son listened and made his own decision - said he'd try to stick with HS. I respect that. He's in his last year this year. He's no genius... far from being academically gifted and he struggled to get to this point. He does not like school. But unlike me, he's being guided. His bottom line is money - and he associates higher education with more more money, a lucrative career, and in getting the type of job/career he wants. He does not want to attend any post-secondary school.... but he will and he will succeed because he foresees his future. I'm not a good parent by any traditional standard of what a parent should be.... but it is my guidance that has brought him to this point because I am learning from my own past. And I am proud of that regardless.
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