Black People : Alicia Stanley, and Brandy Green, hidden names from the Trayvon situation

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May 6, 2013
Not trial not murder but situation!
Alicia Stanley, is Trayvon's fathers fiance, Brandy Green is Trayvon's father's girlfriend.
Sister Stanley claims she practically raised Trayvon,
yet it was sister Green who identified Trayvon into the gate for entrance that fatefull night and one testimony from her would put George Zimmerman under the jail.

Alicia Stanley

Her role shifted when Trayvon died. Stanley claims she wasn’t allowed to sit in the front row at her stepson’s funeral and has since been shunned by the man she planned to marry.
“They told me to ‘get in where I fit in,” Stanley said with tears in her eyes. “I can’t sit on the front row at my son’s funeral to see him home. That hurt me, that was the most painful thing they could do to me.”

Brandy Green

Will Brandy Green be at the trail? Sister Stanley said it would have been too emotional for her, but, Trayvon's biological mother was there.

What is spooky about this case/ is the coverup! Just like Sandy Hook, why didnt the police inform the family of the childs death, that night !??

And why has the data about the security office of Twin Lakes, been wiped clean from google and blip and yahoo??
the week after the shooting ABC and CBS news showed the office interior with a half a wall full of video monitors

So what happened to the video evidence of the killing?

Why isnt the security, professional security personnel, on duty that night being questioned?

Look at that gate real good! Does that look like the kind of gate a 17 year old or anyone else could just walk through, without someone raising the security bar?

IMHO , as volunteer security oficially appointed that night George Zimmerman no doubt had previous knowledge of Trayvon being there his description, of hoodie and aprox height and weight and as all gated communities his name and who he was visiting,
therefore a verdict other then premeditated murder , would be a failure of justice



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Aug 9, 2003
It is coming across as a far too brief examination of the shooter's motivations, etc., and I would like to know what the louse's personal relationships with local white cops etc. was or is truly all about?

No guess what would happen, if any of us disobeyed a cease and desist order, from a guy with arrest powers, a badge and whatever firearm that person also was carrying, at the time, etc.!

Nobody here was born 'brain dead', and none of us need be a d. a., i. e., to realize some obvious questions aren't even being brought up!


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