South Africa : Albinos in South Africa


Albinos are Obatalas people and in the Orisha system Obatala is the creator of mankind and is enstrusted with the throne of Olorun the Sky God. The Yoruba people migrated to East Africa forming with East Africans aka Kushites South Africans aka Zulus and the North Africans aka Moors and formed Ancient Kemet. Obatala is Africas oldest Deity the spirit of the White Cloth. There have been various white cloth men and women sometimes called Tehuti, Thoth, always mistaken as one person. They are the priests and priests of Obatala who live in various societies throughout Africa.

The reason I mention this group is because when Albinos started to appear after the great flood, it was this group that sheltered them. This is why Obatala is called the father or Obatala of mankind. Ancient Africans created Europeans by mating Albinos together as there are different types of Albinoism.