Black Astrology : Air Kobe! - Kobe Bryant's Birth-Natal Chart


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Jun 10, 2004

Name: Kobe Bryant
Birth Date: 08/23/1978
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Birth Time: N/A


Sun in Virgo [0° 10']
Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgos constantly search for knowledge. Virgos are very detail conscious and do well in any line of work that requires exactness. Virgos are practical and efficient. The single greatest defect of Virgo is that they are very critical of others...even judgmental of others. If they overcome this negative trait they can attain the highest of spiritual achievement in life. Sometimes they become so immersed in detail that they lose sight of the big picture. They also tend to worry a lot which can adversely affect their health. If they learn to discipline their minds to think constructive thoughts, they then usually have very good health and be of great benefit to humanity. Virgos often go into some branch of the medical profession. Probably more Virgos remained unmarried than any of the other signs because they have difficulty in finding anyone who measures up to their high standards. Virgos tend to be critical, methodical, neat, reliable, practical, mental, industrious, and cautious. They are interested in fault-finding, helping to improve others, work, details, perfection.

Moon in Taurus [8° 39']
These people tend to have steady emotions. On the positive side, these people are hard working, patient, and appreciate the fine things in life. Negatively, they are lazy, very stubborn, materialistic, and unwilling to change. These people are good at handling money and domestic matters. They often attract the good things in life. Often they have a green thumb.

Mercury in Leo [21° 53'R]
Unique capacity for leadership on the positive side. Self-centered and domineering on the negative side. These people have strong willpower and usually a one-track mind focused on what it is they want. Great self-confidence goes with this placement, also. These people are slow to make up their minds, and equally slow to change their minds. Their special areas of interest are the stock market, theater, investments, artistic pursuits, and education. They like to combine travel to be both work and pleasure.

Venus in Libra [16° 08']
This is a powerful position for Venus. It bestows general physical attractiveness to the opposite sex. Marriage is important to these people and they have a strong sense of justice. These people are easy to get along with. They are refined and have an innate understanding of other people. Women with this position desire to be deeply cared for, and they want their men to be well poised and suave in public. This is a good position for success in the performing arts.

Mars in Libra [12° 10']
These are the social movers and shakers. They direct their immense energy toward social activities of all sorts from social reform to fraternal type activities. These people do not act alone; they must have partners or a group. Social injustice infuriates them, and they will become involved even on issues that do not affect them personally. They desire marriage as an outlet for their own gratification, and seek partners who are aggressive and selfish, they tone it down with social refinement and grace, which makes them more pleasant to be around.

Jupiter in Cancer [27° 29']
This is a powerful position for Jupiter. It indicates a good family background – not necessarily wealthy – but rather love, kindness and positive parental influence. Quite often these people become financially well off at some point in their lives. These people are fond of food and are good cooks, often overeating to the point of creating digestive problems. Some careers: real estate, farming, housing, anything in the food industry, articles for use in the home. Sometimes these people have dreams that are not practical. In extreme cases they may be miserly and fickle.

Saturn in Virgo [3° 29']
Some keywords here are: practical, hard working, precise, perfectionist, detail conscious, accuracy, efficiency, neat, patient. These people typically do not take breaks 0 they work, work, work, and drive others just as hard. They live by rules, which makes it difficult for others to get along with them at times. They often work in medicine, health or science research, bookkeeping or other record keeping. Often these people become gloomy and austere. They need to develop a sense of humor. Worry and overwork often lead to health problems.

Uranus in Scorpio [12° 47']
Powerful emotions. Intolerant of laziness. Sometimes violent temper and will do whatever they feel they have to do (including being destructive) to achieve what they want.

Neptune in Sagittarius [15° 33'R]
Much foreign travel. Sometimes aimless wandering.

Pluto in Libra [14° 54']

DOMINANT SIGN = LIBRA [SIGN (Libra) + MODE (Cardinal) + ELEMENT (Air)]

Libra (3), Virgo (2), Taurus (1), Cancer (1), Leo (1), Scorpio (1), Sagittarius (1)

Cardinal- 4 (Venus-Libra, Mars-Libra, Jupiter-Cancer, Pluto-Libra)
Fixed- 3 (Moon-Taurus, Mercury-Leo, Uranus-Scorpio)
Mutable- 3 (Sun-Virgo, Saturn-Virgo, Neptune-Sagittarius)

Air- 3 (Venus-Libra, Mars-Libra, Pluto-Libra){/B]
Fire- 2 (Mercury-Leo, Neptune-Sagittarius)
Earth- 3 (Sun-Virgo, Moon-Taurus, Saturn-Virgo)
Water- 2 (Jupiter-Cancer, Uranus-Scorpio)


Sun Conjunction Mercury [8.17 (124)]
This gives great mental energy and power, but if the conjunction is too close (less than 4 degrees generally) there is danger of mental burnout. These people are usually unable to see themselves as others see them.

Sun Conjunction Saturn [3.19 (112)]
They have great self-discipline which they need because they encounter many frustrations. They gain only be hard work – nothing comes easy or for free.

Moon Trine Saturn [5.10 (60)]
These people have dignity and a sense of responsibility. They have good organizational ability, are cautious, conservative, honest, and have common sense. They are shrewd in business.

Moon Opposition Uranus [4.08 (-169)]
Perversity, instability, undependability, unpredictability, sudden changes in mood, and irritability are marks of this aspect. Mothers neglect their children. Men neglect their wives.

Mercury Trine Neptune [6.20 (21)]
This aspect bridges the logical mind with the spiritual mind to confer ability in both areas. A great deal of intuition is present. Often artistic ability is present.

Venus Conjunction Mars [3.59 (329)]
Basically, this is a sensual aspect. It bestows passion, physical love desires, artistic expression of love or sexual connotations. In its highest expression, it is a generous, loving outpouring of help to others. In its most base expression, it is raw sexual exploitation.

Venus Sextile Neptune [0.35 (231)]
Keen artistic imagination go with this aspect. In a weak chart, these people are likely to be lazy and rely on help from others.

Venus Conjunction Pluto [1.14 (421)]
The positive side borders on being divine. The negative side borders on perversion. This aspect does bestow generous amounts of talent, especially for music, drama, and opera.

Mars Sextile Neptune [3.24 (17)]
These people can see through the motives of others, hence they are not easily fooled. Any professions that require exceptional imagination and superior energy need people with this aspect in their natal chart.

Mars Conjunction Pluto [2.44 (142)]
This aspect bestows more than a normal amount of power, energy, willpower and courage. They have no fear of death or danger. In poorly developed people, there will likely be violent and criminal behavior.

Neptune Sextile Pluto [0.40 (50)]
This aspect has an extremely long duration and is not usually significant in individual charts unless either Neptune or Pluto is in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th). In this case there will be unusual scientific or psychic abilities.

Chart Calculated at:
Interpretations Taken from: Hewitt, William W. (1998). Astrology for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Understanding & Interpreting Your Chart. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota.


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