Black Poetry : Ain't nobody worrying


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Jun 30, 2005
Ain’t nobody worrying

He sleeps on benches,
Subway cars and train station
Often found under
A few pieces of newspaper
Under cardboard boxes
Where he rest in his slumber

But ain’t nobody worrying

He eats food out of trash bags,
Dumpsters and **** thrown on the street
His stomach curdles
Filled with air
Cause there are days
When he can’t eat

But ain’t nobody worrying

He often gets treated like ****,
Laughed up on, frond up on
And the masses
Look at him with discuss
Treating him like a outcast
Never giving him a chance to live

But ain’t nobody worrying

Then she came round the block
Selling her *** for just 20 bucks
Sucking **** just to survive
No one realizes she got kids at home
Who starve if momma
Don’t go out and ***

But ain’t nobody worrying

She started smoking dope
Then moved to smoking crack
And finally her blood cells
Fen for a siring filled with Heroin
She became a junky cause
Her family just didn’t give a ****

But ain’t nobody worrying

Her moms didn’t know that pops
Made love to her like he did to moms
Sliding his manhood inside of her
Like she was a woman of lust
But realize she was only a little girl
Of the tender age of only 4

But ain’t nobody worrying

Now she is 26 turning tricks
On the side smoking that ****
A victim of rape and child abuse
And her pops moved on
To her younger sister
This cycle is still not broken

But ain’t nobody worrying

He was another misfortune on the street
At a young age pops use to beat him
Moms stood there in fear
That pops was gonna kill him
But she did nothing
She just stood there crying

But ain’t nobody worrying

He took a gun loaded it
And began to run
Found himself a empty space
And with the silence
The gun went off
He committed suicide

But ain’t nobody worrying

Cause we in America
Just don’t care.
We don’t see the evil
That displays others hardship
Why he do that, why she selling
Her ***, why is she on drugs,
Why did he committee suicide

The answer is cause ain’t nobody worrying…..

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Oct 4, 2003
Your piece makes awareness up close and personal--this was awesome. Inspired me to flow with it...hope you don't mind...

Disasters already erupting
forming an endless cycle
Think problems don't fester?
Just look at Michael
Can't say I know for sure,
just call it intuition
But do ya really think he looks like
a light bulb because of a skin condition?
And that's merely skimming the surface
there's so much chaos going on inside
Feeling forced to do the unthinkable
leaving our pride by the wayside
Broken, worried, and scared
thrown into adulthood
Most saunter to greet the grim reaper
but too many appear to be hurrying
but who gives a ****
ain't nobody worrying...


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Mar 21, 2001
Ain't nobody worrying
about the condition
all the poverty i mention
how the struggle is long
and the brother's unbond
but nobody worrying
how homeless sleep
and what these people eat
and what about the life
we now see nobody worrying
i guess just me.
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