Jan 15, 2008
After watching several alternative news DVDs on Iraq,
and how the whole debacle, billions lost and millions dead was based on hype.
I came across an article dealing with Neocons(CFR is a neocon think tank) plans for Africa.
It stated that by 2015 a major source of US oil will coe from Africa, specificaly the Gulf of Guinea, (Nigeria, Guinea, Gabon, Angola)
like the excuse of freeing the Iraq people of Saddam, they plan to send AFRICOM there to quell internecene violence.
Obviously we know these Vampires have initiated much of this conflict and looking at what is going on in Iraq now, it would be difficult for the AU to handle this.

My question is what do we do to prevent this.?


Well-Known Member
Jan 18, 2005
First we try to stop the genocide going on now in parts of africa then we worry about 2015 after.

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