Haiti : After 2 Years Haitians, Defrauded of the Billions in Earthquake relief Aid


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Oct 11, 2009
Dominican Republic
Matthew aid from DR flows into Haiti
As seemingly endless lines of vehicles carrying supplies to Haiti reached the border crossing at Jimaní on Wednesday 12 October 2016, they were met by a high-ranking commission from the Haitian government headed by the Haitian government's cabinet chief Jean Max Bellerive.

The Haitian official told reporters from Diario Libre that this was the largest aid consignment received so far on Haitian territory.

The first of some 500 trucks heading towards Port-au-Prince crossed the border carrying food, medicine, construction materials and other supplies to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

Bellerive said that the damage caused by Matthew is equal to 30% of Haiti's gross domestic product.


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Oct 11, 2009
Dominican Republic

Haitian activists protested outside of the Clinton Foundation in New York over the loss of “billions of dollars” that was meant to help rebuild after the devastating 2010 earthquake.
The activists are claiming the money was stolen through the Haiti Reconstruction Commission that was headed by Bill Clinton. In January 2015, the Clinton Foundation was the target of protests for wasting more than $10 billion and awarding contracts to non-Haitian companies.
The activists also said Haiti is a cover for foreign governments to funnel kickbacks of hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. They believe that this was done for favors that Hillary was doing for the foreign governments while she was Secretary of State.
“We are telling the world of the crimes that Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for in Haiti,” said Dhoud Andre of the Committee Against Dictatorship in Haiti. “And we are telling the American people that the over 32,000 emails that Hillary Clinton said she deleted have evidence of the crimes they have committed.”
Five years, later a majority of Haiti is still in disrepair. The capital’s main hospital has yet to be finished, and there is a major rise of cholera. The Clinton Foundation said progress is being made especially in Haiti’s economic and tourist industry.


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Jan 14, 2005
London in the United Kingdom
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QUOTE="Ankhur, post: 723727, member: 23441"]
Haiti, Raped by the U.S. Since 2004, and Still Bleeding Wed.
01/11/2012 - 02:28 —
Glen A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The horrific squandering of Haitian lives and earthquake relief and aid dollars by the occupying powers over the past two years are direct consequences of previous imperial crimes.

“Since 2004, Haiti has been methodically stripped of its sovereignty, made into a protectorate of the United Nations,” which is merely a front for the United States. “The earthquake of January 2010 was a natural phenomenon that happened to take place while a rape was in progress.”

Haiti, Raped by the U.S. Since 2004, and Still Bleeding A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford “The United States has flexed every superpower muscle to prolong Haiti’s agony.”

In the American media, Haiti is most often spoken of as a tragedy – when it is actually the scene of horrific crimes, mainly perpetrated by the United States over the span of two centuries. For the past two years, since the earthquake that shook the life out of hundreds of thousands of already deeply wounded people, the United States has flexed every superpower muscle to prolong Haiti’s agony.

Half a million people are still homeless, two years after the quake, despite the billions in relief and recovery aid pledged by international donors. Sixty percent of the rubble has yet to be removed from the capital and its suburbs, and 6,000 people have died from a cholera epidemic brought into the country by United Nations troops.

The UN has still not seen fit to apologize for being the vector of disease, because the UN is not accountable to the people of Haiti – only to the United States. The Americans used a huge chunk of their so-called aid money to reimburse themselves for the cost of their military occupation of the country.

Dead, dying, sick, starving, homeless Haitians are made to pay for their own imprisonment in their native land, while Washington gloats that it is Haiti’s last, best hope, and that the catastrophic earthquake might have been a good thing, a chance for a “new beginning” under Washington's firm guidance.

Millions were spent to choreograph crooked elections that brought to office a government with no power, even less money, and not a shred of dignity – a puppet regime held in absolute disrespect by its American puppeteers. http://blackagendareport.com/content/haiti-raped-us-2004-and-still-bleeding
Ankhur, PEOPLE, is there a specif reason why WE are remaining in continual conscious DENIAL of the fact that the RACE WAR by Europeans against non-whites is over 2000 years old [started when Alexander the Macedonian peasant conquered Khemet and put himself on the throne as Pharaoh, starting the Ptolemys/Greeks on the throne as Pharaoh era/dynasty that only ended with Cleopatra's demise, worsened when the Romans sacked Carthage and later drove the Jews out of Israel] is in fact ongoing TODAY, isn’t it [look at the Grenfell House fire in London in June 2017 and the manner in which Haiti is still being ravaged by the USA TODAY]?

This WAR against the rest of Humanity really stepped up a gear over 500 years ago as [the Spanish took less than 60 years to totally exterminate/wipe out the 3 million indigenous inhabitants of Haiti] spectacularly highlighted by the over 300 years of European chattel slavery/enslavement of my African ancestors [and their siblings and comrades who were tortured mutilated and murdered for either refusing to submit/be BROKEN or as a means to traumatize the rest of us into total subservience] and the Western European colonialism/murderous assault on the rest of Humanity it so seamlessly morphed into.

As opposed to just being the very very STUPIDLY ignorant past hasn’t this so consistently maliciously EVIL onslaught resurfaced as the 21st century’s alleged “WAR ON TERROR {of the REALITY of Europeans being totally superfluous to Humanity} which utilized Barack Obama Presidency of the USA as a shield to stay on track, along with the UN [funded by the USA] not curtailing NATO’s totally passé military expeditions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya to bring the CHAOS MACHINE that has been for over 50 years/is STILL so very very efficiently pillaging and raping the Congo and other resource-rich regions of Africa; to the Middle East and North Africa?

Africa is not now, has not EVER been poor; isn’t ALL the grief in Africa TODAY due to the FACT that Africans have been warred on constantly for nearly 5000 years now [initially by Semites/with North Africa and the Middle East overrun by Arabs and other Semites, with Europeans applying the coup de grace with over 300 years of African chattel Slavery and the European colonialism it so seamlessly morphed into], which is ongoing isn’t it as highlighted by the manner in which the ongoing war-torn chaos in the resource-rich regions of the Congo and sub-Saharan Africa, has been exported to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the other parts of the “Middle East/North East Africa”, in the 21st century?

I intuited from when I first came to the UK [aged 8] that something about the so all-pervasive onslaught in every area of human activity on non- whites generally, people of African ethnicity specifically didn’t/still doesn’t make any rational sense; in that who would constantly attack, beat up on in every way a possible a completely clueless/useless/crippled CRETIN, obvious LOSER as opposed to merely leaving them to so inevitably FAIL, as isn’t it obvious how much they fear us being fully debriefed, regaining our psychic equilibrium?

Don’t their actions, as highlighted by the ongoing maliciously EVIL onslaught in every area of human activity integral in the ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration [especially against Haiti for so efficiently freeing themselves from African chattel slavery], highlight the magnitude of their FEAR of the original HU-MANS taking back their natural role as the leaders of the human family, hence all their population reduction initiatives on non-whites generally, peoples of African ethnicity specifically?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


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