Gun Ownership : Afrikan children received guns..European children received grapes

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Nov 17, 2006
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Afrikan children received guns..European children received grapes...its a shame and very hard to watch, hurts to the gut

Good looking out brother Clyde:10200:

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Oct 19, 2009
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Afrikan children received guns..European children received grapes

You can watch the full film with english subtitle at kushi
(Note) I had to seperate the word because it gets blocked out due to sh*t in the spelling
Glad more brothers and sisters are finding out about that..i posted the same a litle bit ago, yet a different title......

But basically these neanderthals went into lake victoria, and put a genetically engineered artificial breed of fish primate into the water, and that breed ate the whole indigenous fish of the waters that were feeding our brothers and sisters, and the breed of fish took over the water and spawned into some massive fillet type of commercial fish that the europeans and their amerikkkan brethren feast on....and gave our brothers and sisters in return guns,famine, and a degressive structure.....the same as the white man has did everywhere he's stepped.....


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