Black Money Business Jobs : African Americans, Black Americans, seem to be getting more left behind?


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May 7, 2013
I think I'll start this thread with two post, but I'm not sure if this is in the right forum however. But anyway, I've notice in my area down here in south suburban Atlanta, that several of the American Deli sandwich shops are being run by Africans and Asians working together in the same shop. Not only that, some of them are mixed race (African-Asian). This one young African-Asian sister, with a nice round butt too, probably about 24, has been giving me extra attention. What's strange is, the Asian people working in the back don't mind, even when I flirt back. A little before the Holidays, the very pretty young African-Asian sister I'm speaking of told me she had a Black father who lives in Loisianna, plus she said he had my last name after she saw my credit card. All I know is, everytime I go in there, and if I'm the only customer eating in, she suddenly pops out from behind the cashier where she works, and starts cleaning tables around me with her backside constantly facing me. This used to be a "go for it" sign, however today with all the mind games, I'm not sure. But if she starts bending over in front of me, I'm putting my bid in, and I don't care whose watching. Right now I think it's just a marketing scheme, because I've seen Asians do some very strange things sometimes with their very, and I mean very young daughters while they own these small restaurants in the hood. I remember in the DMV during the late 80's and earlier 90's, when a lot of black women were selling their bodies for 5 and 1o dollars, there was this Chinese food joint that sat in this little shopping strip along side other stores. They stayed open until about 11:00pm. Anyway, sometimes like on Sunday nights near closing, and when customer traffic was slow, they would have their two little daughters, I'd say around 9 or 10, maybe 11, just parading in their pajamas on the sidewalk right outside of the entry door. Some of these brother perverts would pull up in their cars to see what was up, but they would just ignore them, and continue parading like they were worshiping the lighting bugs or something. I don't know if that was a custom, a marketing scheme or what, but it seemed very irresponsible on their parents behalf with all that prostitution going on all around them.

So when it comes to this young African-Asian girl who was giving me all this attention, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a marketing practice. I just wish these young good looking girls would stop teasing us older cats if they don't really mean anything. Now at this other location, they have more Africans working there along side the Asians, and African-Asians. It's this store that actually prompted me to right this thread, because I clearly see the Africans and Asian working together, and it makes it seem as though the Asian and African partnerships in Africa are beginning to take place over here. I felt some love from some of the Africans in this store, but then again I feel dislike from some of them. For example one day the sodas tasted like acid and not sweet. I was telling two African sisters sitting next to me that the sodas tasted too much like acid. One sister (wow did she have a body) understood me, while the other sister told me in a rude way that they were drinking ignorant. Anyway, I walked up to complain to the African cashier after she pretended she didn't see me, as she walked by me several times as though she wasn't working. So I got her attention and told her about the sodas. When I was leaving, I said bye to the two sisters, but by my surprise, the one that was acting funny was the only one that said bye back, after she figured her friend wasn't going to, but she still said bye in a negative tone. As I was leaving out the glass door, I saw her reflection shaking her head at me. I noticed from the moment I moved down here in this part of Georgia that the foreigners, black and non-black, have a somewhat negative attitude towards African-Americans, very similar to the attitudes of southern Whites. I'm not saying foreigners love us all that much in the North, but you see a stark difference in them down here, and you may find yourself having to set them straight, along with the southern Whites.

Then I was at this one day Online Trading Introductory class last night. I heard about it through the web, after listening to a Black radio talk show. By my surprise, all the speakers were white, and 90% of the guest were white, although I thought it was a brother who called me and confirmed my seat. I wounded up only 2 minutes late (poor GPS instructions), which wasn't bad being my first time there, and over an hour drive. On arrival I was asked to take a form and have a seat with the rest of the guest in the lobby, while I filled the form out. Before I had time to finish, some foreign guy walked in and ask the people who were finished filling out their forms to follow him into the orientation room. I heard him discussing some charts according to recent trends. So I took my uncompleted form, handed it to the receptionist, and told her since that guy left me here, I was going to leave my uncompleted form with her, so I could learn what I came to learn. But I should have left right there on the spot, since that foreigner didn't have enough respect to tell me I could compete the form later or something, but instead left me, not telling me anything, indicating I was late. Although the class hadn't actually started, I couldn't tell that foreigner was only taking them to the orientation room for a ten minute discussion, while offering free snacks and drinks. Anyway when I walked in that orientation room I gave that foreign guy a mean stare the whole time. He looked like he was willing to kiss the feet of all those white people. I'll be glad when we get enough up to date people down here and start knocking some sense into some of these southerners, including the foreigners. They really have a color problem down here when it comes to African-Americans in certain was bad enough on my IT job back in the DMV.
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May 7, 2013
When we were aloud to enter the classroom, it seem like as soon as I was about to take a bite into my coffee cake, one of the staff looked at me like he was about to say put it back, even though they said it was okay to bring food in. He was looking at me like I was only there for the free food, how petty. I had this experience before when I was going to classes while working that boring IT job. Again, some of these folks running these conferences need a serious wake up call. It's not like when I was on the job anymore, when I didn't know who to complain to, and I was still scared to lose my job because everybody was still White, or closer to White than me. Now I could get up, talk trash and walk out, and go where I wanted to without worrying about being late for work the next day. That was a good feeling sitting in that class, knowing I was one of the few people in there who was retired, while all those White folks with that mindset back in the DMV, who thought they were so much better than me with their higher salaries and higher positions, still had to answer to the boss the next day. However, I still wanted to learn about FOREX and other trading skills involving futures, options, etc... That's the reason I went, however I got not one drop of that kind of information. They wanted us to pay $1000 for a 3-day seminar. Then they brought it down to $300 for that night only. I've been to a seminar before, and I got tricked into hearing news that the average person didn't get, then got pressured into paying either $500 on the spot, or $1,500 tomorrow for not taking the early offer. Yes I got duped into paying $500, and it was one of those real estate seminars back when the market was booming, making you think they could train you to be another Donald Trump. They called it a three day deposit, however if you don't get your money back fast, you may not get any of it back without a fight. However people last night were paying up. I'm sure that guy told me they had another seminar in May, however they wanted their $300 now. I told them goodbye. I'll get the options, futures, and FOREX information from someone or some where else.

On my way out, I bumped into another fine African-Asian chick at the elevator. She was about in her 30's, however not quite as African as the young Asian sister at American Deli. She was talking with one of the guys from the staff. After he invited me into their conversation while we were waiting on the elevator going down, I asked him what would happen if the dollar collapsed. That's the other reason I came, to get answers to those kind of questions, and how would it affect trading on FOREX. He probably thought I was trying to sound smarter than him, so he gave me some answers a little above my head. Then he out of no where said he liked my hat, which was leather. I don't think they see leather hats down here too often, but it didn't feel like a real compliment, especially while we were talking about something completely different, but I thanked him. Anyway, I asked him was investing in silver a part of the plan. That kind of slowed him down for some reason. Then he started talking about physical possession, which is the way to go. However, when they're talking about trading, especially in the FOREX, I'm thinking they're still talking about trading with paper stocks, which will all take a hit if the dollar collapsed. I wanted more information like this, but I didn't get it. I guess they either wanted money first, or they don't have answers, or they wanted money only.

Anyway, the three of us wounded up taking the stairs down. While the African-Asian chick and I were walking to our cars, the staff guy said good luck or something to that nature. Although he wasn't being smart, I still felt down inside I wasted my time, and being left in that lobby by that foreigner (which may have been a red-flag) didn't make me feel much better, not to mention the funny look I got when I was about to take a bite out my coffee cake, like I was getting over or something. He didn't even say comeback if I changed my mind...I knew that wasn't going to be their last seminar. So I told him I'll be back, but it wouldn't be there. But these foreigners don't see none of this when it pertains to us. That's the way it was on my IT job, and this one last night even had Black in her. After hearing those White guys talking that Wall Street talk, or after hearing White guys talk period in some cases, it seemed like anything a Black man would have said to her type would have had less value, regardless of how much money he made, or how much sense he made. I remember while I was telling that staff guy on the way down stairs how that drop in silver messed me up a little, she had this "another Black man that thought he knew it all", look on her face...yes they have that in them too, especially down here. Anyway on the way to our cars, I told her that history taught me that anytime those seminars give an ultimatum, like if you don't pay now the price doubles or triples tomorrow, that's a red-flag. She told me that it was only a deposit. She must have paid them. I guess if I paid them I would have gotten some...that seems to be the way of the world these days if you want a fine sister in many cases. I thought about when I paid that $500 on the spot years ago at that real estate seminar that spring night in the DMV, when I wounded up walking this beautiful slightly older sister to her car, that turned into a conversation that lasted until almost 1:00 am. When she started talking about taking a drive to downtown 14th Street to mess with some of the whores, well you already know what I was talking to. I'm not saying this girl last night was that, but spending money turns certain women on. Anyway, after she told me it was only a deposit, I didn't even get into how difficult it could be getting the money back, as it's rarely that easy. But she may have went home like I did years ago, and thought the next day, "What in the world was I thinking?" I know how good these guys can be. Maybe it's time for somebody to start listening to a brother. At any rate, I told her it was them who should have told me it was only a deposit, and shouldn't have been left up to her. But instead they just let me walk away, without even offering me time to think about it, or a choice to attend the May classes for that same price, like what was offered during the lecture. I bet if I was White, that option would have still been offered. I bet they wouldn't have let her walk away so easily either. These white folks down here, even the so-called nice ones, have too much difficulty not showing their bias'...get a little tired of the same ole same ole. They're just not used to being worried about hiding it as much as they are in the North, who don't hide it but so well at that.

So this and the post before leads me to believe two things. Africans would rather do business with Asians like they do back in the African Continent, before they'd do business with us. And Asians and African-Asians here rather do business with Africans or Whites, before us. I was once pushing for us to do business with Africans in the Diaspora, which is still okay. But first we African-Americans are going to have to learn to put away our differences, and start doing business fast with one another. Because right now, no one seems to be interested in doing business with us, including foreign people of color who are here, and even Africans who are here.
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Jun 16, 2013
Jeez that's alot of words.

I don't think I can read them all. I started too, but I fell off somewhere around the 9 year olds in pajamas.

Maybe I will try again tommrow


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May 7, 2013
Jeez that's alot of words.

I don't think I can read them all. I started too, but I fell off somewhere around the 9 year olds in pajamas.

Maybe I will try again tommrow
If that's what it takes to keep your responses short workingwhiteman, keep working. Now your back on ignore.


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Aug 9, 2003
Arguing and bickering with individuals, is not just a waste of your energy, etc., also it is meant to undermine the reality checks/wake up calls, etc. I associate with your posts here, as well...


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