Black Poetry : Africa Cries Beyond The Grave


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.

I sleep no more in de mist of dawn or in the midnight shade,
Invoke ideal the black mask to my aid, de brother in black skin;
He pleads for the bounty of my head, dignity stands, at greed, change hands, the hidden secret, the bounty ,de brother’s sold de; to the lynch man, I cry in secret, my people dignity, the hands of de brother’s, who sold me to the slave blocks, uppers who sent my flesh to hell;

Nor wake again, in the hidden places, cries upon my trust
De brother in black face, awaits the gold cones,
I cry in the mist of the night, betrayal of thy tribe,
abandon’s and forlorn,
the souls that lives with the dungeons of hell.
Delusions slow coming death, never more shall
Beam upon the shame, Africa my home;
The trade off, for gold;

To steal my soul, contributions de brother;
Who lives upon my trust.
And thou, the holy cross to the sadden thought,
And nature’s plunders and truth
swept under, be mind the soul which died upon the slave blocks, the betrayal of thy brother, who sold me to the slave keeper;
And thou without honor, whose impious transformations,
avarice and pride.
Thou too say farewell! for not beyond the grave,
Extends thy pow'r, nor is my dust thy slave
Betrayal of my tribe, in the name of slave blocks
Hidden secrets beyond the grave.

Hidden secret upon the grave , my mama cry out loud,
The sons of my sons, the hidden darkness that lies upon
The hidden secrets that continue to live among the black Niles,
De off set to unity continues to cry out loud.
I seen the black rivers and the whips upon my back,
The uppe’ry ****** who lives upon the swampy dust,
Who catches my soul upon the black net, and sell me
To the slave blocks for gold coins.

The black holocausts that retrieves the death of vain, continues to live in the symmetry of shame, the voice cries beyond the grave, dignity without conscious of the tribes of Judah, for who so live by the lynch men rope, shall long suffer, in the eyes of the almighty God.
The eyes of the black veil of darkness, the betrayal of Jesus, the eyes of the dark, the brothers who set before the devil, the souls cries out.

Sanctuary of oppression, the rusted links, lust of gold.
Where-e'er the hell-hounds the spirits cry out loud
their bloody way the broken link,
Africa groans, and man abandon their post.
In the wild wastes of Africa’s sandy plain,
roars of the lion thro' the smell of death,
Man who relinquish his heritage, whom become divided
In the name of black race.

Un detour the solid history of the bleeding fountain, and the Niles that turn to blood, and the roars of the beast, killed and bound in a cage, as the spirits that cannot longer be peace.
The crying trees, the hungry legacies, that cry for nutritionist
The savages that slaughter the subjects of mages ‘try, who becomes the servants of the land, history repeats, oh where or thou brother

The black holocaust repeats Heav'n planted, in the minds, and death upon the land, and treason cries upon the grave, a plague upon the world, the black face without honor of self, dignity that dies, the serpents captures, the living soul.


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Mar 21, 2001
betrayal of thy soul , i weep da blood of thy brutha
under the rapid of mental slavery still i feel da depth
of it's tame as the grave awaken stolen souls sold
for the gift of greed i bleed in the hour of destruction
as africa cry da mercy of morrow i hear the indigo beat
tappin , bangin callin in hope beyond the shadow grave

I feel this and felt it all the maze of it this was awesome sis......

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