Black Christians : Africa Before the Egyptians: EGUPTANS

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May 7, 2009
Africa Before the Egyptians: Eguptans
The Aegyptos

Israel also came into Egypt; and Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.
PSALMS 105:23.

They forgat God their saviour, which had done great things in Egypt;
Wondrous works in the land of Ham, and terrible things by the Red sea.
PSALMS 106:21-22.​

Africa, the Land of Ham [Cham]

According to the words used today it should be easily recognized that there were and are different terms used to define the continent of Africa and certain parts of the continent such as the northeastern country of Egypt. A word study shows that due to various translations and based upon the different languages spoken overtime, there are certain unique distinctions amongst the terms used yet, all of the terms should be regarded as vital to getting a better understanding of our human history. Over the course of thousands of years so many different kinds of people have formed unique cultures and at one point in time or another, some of these people have decided to leave from their beginnings and migrate to settle and make history somewhere else on this earth. History shows too that sometimes when ancient people did this they oftentimes migrated into a land in which was already inhabited by an earlier people and culture, but for some reason the specific details of these kinds of movements are not made clear to us today. For this reason the origins of many cultures becomes a confusion. But through research of certain terms perhaps the truth can surface. And by looking closer at the terms such as Africa, Egypt and Ham we can see more truths.


By just looking at the phonetic spelling it opens the door to other information regarding how our own letters and words may have evolved overtime. Certain new age and modern ways of spelling words today in our English language have actually covered up a lot of vital history and information that would connect us back to our origins. There are some Black/African scholars who many times stress that before the word ‘Africa’ was used this continent was once known as KEMET and becomes the word that better defines Africa based upon its original people of the land. KEMET by most scholars whether European or Black/African means ‘BLACK LANDS’. But based upon my research, the word ‘Africa’ was changed to hide history but, in its origin it also refers to the origin of people of the continent meaning ‘BLACK’. However, the phonetic spelling of the word, ‘Africa’ denotes the land of Kemet to compensate for history that came about at a later date and time. The term ‘Africa’ stems from a man, an ancient king in Egypt [Kemet], at a time when the land was also known as KEMET lands. It stems from a man named ‘CHEPHREN’ [Ch’Ephren] also known and written as ‘KAEFRE’ [Ka‘Efre]. And it was this great king that became known for doing many great innovations one of which was his remodeling of the great Sphinx. But however, even at that time of his reign during the 2500s BC, the term ‘Kemet’ was being debauched do to the many different kinds of eastern people that had migrated into the land and intermixed with the original people. And this would be the evolution of the word ‘Egypt’.

All words used today and yesterday to define humans have a direct link to the earth. In other words in regards to humans as being ‘matter from this earth’, we are identified very much the same way that anything of this earth has been verified from a scientific perspective. The very confirmation of our presence, our form, will be in some way, form, or fashion, confirmed to the relationship we have with planet earth. We come from the earth. We are formed from this earth. Our spirits and souls are wrapped in a form. And one main element and important characteristic in the determination of any substance on this earth has to with its color. All specimens pass through this color test in relation to something natural that comes from this earth. Every specimen can only be verified in relation to this earth from which it comes from and that includes us as humans. Therefore it should be expected that the Bible contains this major element in its description of us as humans. It does. The Bible is loaded with words that define us in relation to this earth with regards to color. Every word that defines us stems from some origin and substance from this earth in which has a color. And this would be the distinction between the words ‘Kemet’ and ‘Egypt’. Both of these words and including ‘Africa’ encompasses history that reveals the sins of mankind in relation to the ill use and exploitation of people of color and the ultimate elevation of the color ‘white’ as being believed by some dark spirits that the color white should be the supreme color of people and beings.

This belief of White Supremacy stems from an intense hate towards the Creator due to his creation of Black and Bronze skinned human beings on this earth. And further Bible research too shows that this hatred of ‘colored beings’ actually happened before the Creation of Adam and Eve’. This would mean that the great war in the heavens written about has at least something to do with color as well. We here on earth just happened to be the recipients of that hate and some of us have become used as apart of someone’s plan to eradicate this creation of the color Black and Bronze. Due to deception, many of us have fallen prey to modes of self-hate byway of victimization and deceptive ploys. And this exploitation in its most damaging aspect begins in the earliest and most powerful government of the world of which just happens to be in the land of Egypt [Kemet]. By looking closer at the definition of the word ‘Egypt’ and other terms that identify a culture of people that became known as ‘Egyptians’ perhaps we can move closer to the whole truth about past history.

Egypt: EGUPTA, Gupta

And there was a famine in the land: and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there; for the famine was grievous in the land.
GENESIS 12:10.​

The first time the Bible records the word ‘Egypt’ was when Abraham [Abram] was recorded when he went down into Egypt. And so long before this time in around the turn of a millennium around the 2000s BC, the term ‘Egypt’ was not descriptive of any specific culture of people that identified by that word. But however, the word ‘Egypt’ was still a word that was used in other variations thousands of years before that time based upon my research. In the beginning was THE WORD and the word was with God. But in order to understand how old words really are and where they stem from in their origins we have to look at how they are used now and draw from that basis. We have to look at actual civilization that became known as Egyptians and contrast and compare to get a more deeper understanding of how this term transcended the more earlier term for the land known as Kemet.

The term ‘EGYPT’ in the Webster also comprises a people that became known as ‘GYPSIES’ [E-Gypt] and generally speaking we are taught that people that became known as Gypsies originated from cultures that formed in Northern India and Southern Caucasus [South Russia] and were a people that later migrated across parts of North Africa and settled in certain other areas later in time from their origins. Most scholars never admit that these Gypsies have any connection to Egypt of the kind of people that made history as being Egyptians. This would be apart of why we are confused about the history of Egypt. If we start the history of Egypt off with the people that came from India and well defined civilizations that they existed within then it brings much confusion because it does not consider the thousands of years of history recorded in Egypt prior to that time those people left their cultures in India and began to migrate to other places in the world. Based upon both the Bible and even secular historians the 6th Dynasty becomes the key to this kind of deceptive form of history.

The Sixth [6th] Dynasty kings fit the Biblical and secular definition of being Kemetic-typed and based on the Bible, they were direct descendants of Cham [Ham] the son of Noah. It was not until after this dynasty or family of kings ended and another form of government set up that the people from the east came and their significant presence in Africa became known as being Egyptians. So if we look at the thousands of years of history in Egypt [Kemet] and compare it to the time after the Sixth dynasty ended a contrast and comparison of terms reveals the unique definition of the Egyptians as opposed to the term Kemet. In addition, further research shows how these later kings and rulers of the Intermediate Period compared to an even more ancient time in Egypt when a foreign presence bared down on the original people of Kemet and reveals a more complete definition of the word ‘Egypt’. From a Bible perspective the Great World Flood becomes another major key as well. With these key factors taken into consideration the definition of Egypt specifically concerns the kind of people that came from India in the post-flood times but in another variation of the word, it also defines other pre-flood systems that set up as well and this brings us to a more complete definition of ‘an original Egyptian’. The word ‘EGYPT’ then means and includes the definition of the word ‘COPPER’.

The Egyptians believed in A COLOR CASTE SYSTEM in which white was the most supreme. However, they defined themselves as being ‘A BROWN or COPPER COLORED’ people in their origins, and this is because they worshiped ASHTEROTH as being their most supreme goddess. So if we look thousands of years before the Intermediate Period of rulers in Egypt set up the term ‘COPPER’ become the root word and term that the word ‘EGYPT’ stems from. It was the term used to confirm the very presence of easterners or, ASIATICS who migrated into the land of Kemet in the pre-flood times because they identified themselves to the earth in respect to the COPPER AGE for which they became a major part of in the pre-flood times. Later terms such as ‘CUPROUS’, ‘CYPRIOT’, ‘COPTIC EGYPTIANS’ [Christian Egyptians], ‘Gupta’ and etc. shows how modern translators use words and symbols interchangeably to describe Egypt and the Egyptians throughout time without making clarifications for our better understanding today. But still the most definitive term to describe the post-flood systems reveal even more truths: AEGYPTOS [I.e. Aegyptus]. Based upon my research this strategic and more correct spelling of the word ‘Egypt’ presents the whole truth and reveals that the word ‘Egyptian’ actually comprises two very distinct and dominant kinds of ‘Black-Brown’ people from the east that came into the lands of Ham and dominated the original Hamitic people of the land.

Aegyptos: The Eguptans & the Ag [Cholas]/Cholchians

Both of these distinct kinds of ‘Black’ [Brown] people come the east and makeup the total definition of the Egyptians. But in regards to the kinds of idols that they worship as being their most supreme and due to the origins of specific idols, the Eguptans would be considered the more supreme than the Cholas. Based upon what the Bible reveals byway of the Book of GENESIS, the most supreme goddess for all Egyptians is Ashteroth and she is the beginning origin of the Guptans, not the Cholas. According to the Bible the Guptans stem from a name that goes along with their history of which is ‘THE GOMERS’ and the origin of the Gomers is the Biblical wife of Japheth the elder, the son of Noah, and she becomes the origin of white after the flood. Wherever the Gomers exist on the earth they identify by a Color Caste System and this would be based upon the woman of the ark. In ancient Egypt the Gomers identify with being Copper colored but in India their history becomes steep in correlation to the color RED. Yet the most strategic name that connects them to both the Biblical records and the secular records would be the THE NAZI symbol of which stems from their Biblical ancestor ASHKENAZ [NAZI], the son of Gomer, the son of Japheth. The Nazi symbol is the major symbol of India and many other places in the east world.

Even though the Cholchian’s descendants that became apart of Egypt deify the goddess Ashteroth, they are not Gomers. For this reason they are very distinct people of whom seem to consider the Gomers as being more supreme in their major government systems wherever they set up but, at times throughout history they conflicted. The Egyptians are believers in the eastern yin-yang symbolism but the interpretation varies in the ancient eastern world. However in Egypt, it can be seen that the symbolism has been many times defined and interpreted with the images of a white Asiatic-typed image of a female as ‘the yang’ and a dark skinned male image as ‘the yin’ in every aspect, yet and still, many African-typed scholars totally ignore this fact. The eastern elevation of the white woman has been fused into Egyptian mythology byway of their ‘yin-yang’ symbolism. Their beliefs of White Supremacy over Black people has been inter-twined into the original script form of the land of Ham in such a way that deception has taken place.

In one major account in the Egyptian records about creation in a yin-yang format, it bares the name of an ethnic presence such as the word-names of ‘NUT’ and ‘GEB’, but mostly all of the depictions in the ‘yin-yang’ mode that have been published and presented in books in our modern times show detail drawings of ancient Egyptian coffins and pyramids with that of a white woman image. No matter if the image has been painted with blue or any other color, the images are specifically drawings of a Euro-centric [Indo-European, Asiatic] woman with well defined European features and especially with long straight hair and, yet for some strange reason Black/African scholars have overlooked this important revelation about the issues of the past with regards to how foreign people were able to come in and dominate the land of Kemet. Amazingly too, it would be this kind of an incredible omission that can be seen in regards to how the ancient Black [Kemeti] people of the land repeatedly allowed themselves to become systematically suppressed and then eventually completely overthrown in their own lands. For some strange reason Black/African people in history, including the Hebrew-Israelites, seem to be able to reject White Supremacy and in the form of a white male ruler but, on the other hand they completely accepted White Supremacy in the form of an ancient white queen in marriage to Black kings in ancient Egypt and elsewhere. This would be the very environment that revolved around the events that surrounded the EXODUS, THE DEATH ANGEL and the end of the 18th Dynasty. But no sooner than the Israelites had crossed the Red Sea, they were recorded for their immediate actions in their attempt to set up on the basis of a Color Caste system and their attempt to embrace the Egyptian form of worship in one aspect of the worship of a cow. And these elements of elevation and White Supremacy are directly connected to the Egyptian origins from ancient India that was imposed upon the original Hamitic and Semitic black people in the west, and in the lands of Ham.

For example, Herodotus states that the Colchians, … He thus regarded them as Egyptians.

Apollonius of Rhodes states that the Egyptians of Colchis preserved as heirlooms a number of wooden tablets showing seas and highways with considerable accuracy.

Colchians…the term commonly mistranslated to mean 'black-skinned' by Herodotus translates most accurately to 'dark skinned' and was even used to describe tanned Greeks, not black Africans, as is often claimed…

The Chola dynasty …was a Tamil dynasty which was one of the longest-ruling in some parts of southern India.

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
This and so many other images of the Asiatic woman have been presented in Egyptian records have in the 1960s been the center of discussions amongst African Americans at that time, but have now been suppressed. Black people brought this issue that in the pyramids and tombs of a number of well known pharaohs the drawings depicted white or light skinnned women with Asiatic features and the men were darker skinned.


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