Black People Politics : "ADOS" is just another black elitist platform led by miseducated leaders


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Aug 21, 2012


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Aug 21, 2012
Because we expect this flight to be a long one and with some possible turbulence, we should begin by laying the framework for this examination with several caveats.

First, let us be clear from the start, I do not believe—not for a moment— Ms. Yvette Carnell and Mr. Antoinio Moore are Russian bots.

The first time I heard it, I said it was ridiculous and the beginning of a calculated smear campaign. Having said that, as many of us do not know them (Carnell and Moore) personally, obviously we cannot be 100% sure of who they are just like others cannot be 100% sure who I am and who you are and the rest of those who engage in this 21st century communication phenomena known as "social media." Here, I believe we can rely on our instincts and intuition. But I would put some money on the table to say calling Ms. Carnell and Mr. Moore “Russian bots” is not true. In fact, it can be suspected that these unfounded allegations against them may have the fingerprints of motivated opponents in the form of Democratic operatives who are initiating a preemptive first strike, one might say, against the possible emerging of a new challenger—another elitist challenger-- vying for the consciousness of the black polity. More specifically, that segment of the black polity which, unfortunately, embraces the illusion that true liberation (including reparations) will be materialized at the direction of an American politician.

But signing onto the fact that Carnell and Moore are not Russian bots shouldn’t make the adherents of the ADOS party comfortable.
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Aug 21, 2012
The second caveat we want to place on the table anticipates those voices who may be like: "Why you attacking these black people who trying to do something on reparations?"

It's a legitimate question.

But as you walk with us through this examination, you will clearly see the evidence which suggests Carnell and Moore are just taking advantage of the deeper vacuum and betrayal left behind by the first bi-racial American President.

Our position is not really to highlight the intentions of Moore and Carnell more so as it is to show how their moves are disturbingly similar to other major political parties in the U.S. trying to cash in on a trusting and loyal people. Their intention becomes less important when we can demonstrate first that the collision between the ADOS platform and the Democratic platform is nothing more than an elitist beef, which has nearly nothing to do with the descendants of the enslaved and reparations. ADOS is just a new party trying to assert itself into the mainstream so they can give ordinary black folk more of the same ish we've been wallowing in since before 1619.

Additionally, this examination will not focus much time on 2020 Presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Corey Booker because, unlike Moore and Carnell, we know it's a waste of time and breath and energy as it relates to black liberation. Thus, one of the reasons why we argue Moore and Carnell are miseducated leaders.

Furthermore, we hold the view that once you understand our position regarding people who claim they love black people then you, by default, will understand how we feel about those who giggle at incarcerating black people on school truancy.

A final note on the second caveat. Because this so-called ADOS platform is in its infancy, we do, however, hope that Carnell and Moore will modify their plan of action to speak real truth to power beginning with telling the truth to the masses.

Jan 22, 2001
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Hi Perfection ... :love:

What is ADOS ?




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Aug 21, 2012
Hi Perfection ... :love:

What is ADOS ?



Hello beautiful Queen...hope you are well :heart::heart:

ADOS is the acronym for the "American Descendants of Slaves." Its founders are Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore. Their platform, in part, (ostensibly) is to seek reparations for those blacks who have direct lineage to American enslavement while holding dishonest politicians' feet to the fire.

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