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Feb 28, 2009
Did God want Adam and Eve to Sin?
What ever happened to God's plan for man?

When I look into the heavens I marvel at the engineering job that went into bringing it into existence from nothing.

The universe is truly impressive. When I look at my hand my eye, my ears, I am truly astonished at he engineering that went into making me. The more I think about it the more awed I am with the intelligence of the Being that made you and me.

Even more impressive is the mental ability He gave each of us. We are conscious. What an absolute miracle that is! We can think! And we can think about our thinking. Wow! And probably we can think about thinking about our thinking.

Each one of us is incredibly different. And yet we are the same in many ways. A scientist clones a sheep and we are impressed. But God managed to devise a way to make no two people exactly the same. Now, that is one major achievement.

God designed the mind, consciousness--all of it. I would not begin to be able to imagine how one could design something so flexible as the mind. It is subtle. It can perceive nuance level subtleties or black and white extremes (and at least 16 million colors in between). A spot on a shirt may be only slightly darker than it's surrounding area but we perceive it as different from the color around it. Hence a spot. To make us capable of such subtlety required a brilliant engineer of supreme intelligence.

We are Miracles!

When you look at you or another human being, you are looking at an absolute miracle! As our Creator, God wants us to realize this and respect each other. That request is made to us when He commands us to love Him with all our heart and our neighbor as ourselves.

How incredible God is! He creates a being and then allows that being the freedom to believe whatever it wants to the point of removing Him from that belief system. There are no "thought police" to keep us from thinking anything we want.

Most people realize that they did not ask to come into existence. They are aware that once they did not exist. They realize that at sometime in the future they may not exist again. They can imagine that they could live forever. Right now they know there is a chance they won't. They realize that they have "free moral agency," but realize that they do not have perfect choice.

Most of our religious leaders try to convince us that man has rebelled against his Creator. Truthfully, most of mankind has not made a choice to rebel against God yet. They only know Satan's side of the story and haven't heard God's--at least if we believe what Jesus said from the cross. I often quote it because I am so impressed by His awesome love for us.

"Father forgive them for they know not what they do. " (Matthew 23:34)
Why should it be a surprise that the Creator would love His creation? Our leaders seem to be unaware of the incredible love and plan God has for man.

God Disappointed? Hardly!!

Man has to a large extent (with Satan's influence) turned the mind into a tool for self-deception. Is God terribly disappointed over that? Not on your life. He seems to want to happen what ever it will take to let us see for ourselves why Satan's way will never work!

Take the so called "fall of man" in the Garden of Eden. I believe that God set Adam and Eve up. Look at the story again. God creates man. He gives him dominion over the environment. He puts two trees in the middle of the Garden and tells them not to touch one. He also created curiosity. Now, if He really didn't want someone to touch something, why would He put it right in front of their nose?? I would have hidden it, or taken it to another place where they could not have found it even if they knew to look for it. If I, the created, am capable of figuring this out, someone as sharp an brilliant as God would have. But let's continue the story. God says nothing to Adam and Eve about Satan, according to the narrative. He does not prepare or warn them about His arch enemy that is about to be unleashed on them. God leaves the garden and leaves the gate open, so to speak. In marches Satan. Now wouldn't you think that God would have at least warned Adam and Eve that He was going to let Satan enter the garden and try and deceive them? He doesn't! Remember, the Bible says that Satan can do nothing that God does not allow.

Adam and Eve are Gullible

Here are gullible Adam and Eve (God was responsible for their gullibility too) being subjected to the craftiest being and the arch Enemy of them and their Creator. Talk about a set up! But what a brilliant plan.

God knows exactly what He was doing. He was going to teach Adam a lesson so profound that it would affect all mankind down through eternity.

Remember, God wanted beings like Himself with which to share eternity. He wanted them to be as wise as serpents. So why not let them learn from the serpent himself? The inference in all of this is that God believed that with the intelligence He gave us we would ultimately be able to out fox Satan!

All This for Friendship!

I don't know about you, but there are times when I have felt friendless. It's not a devastating feeling, but it sure adds to life to have some "good" friends. God did not want a bunch of "yes" men around Him though!

Since Satan created enmity between God and himself, God realized that other free moral agents would be capable of doing the same. Why not let them "rebel" at the beginning of their creation so they could get a feel for what it is like? He would let them experience what Satan was like as a father. Then they could contrast Satan's way with His (God's). Given a choice few, He was convinced, would choose Satan's way. Man would be first Satan's children and then God's.

Is God's plan working? You bet it is! It is on schedule and going exactly as He planned it. Yes! I want to be just like God. I feel you want to be just like Him too! Most of us Christians as well as others that are not yet called are tired of this "evil" world. We have had it up to here.

God Is Brilliant

God is a brilliant planner and manipulator. He can influence people to do things that He wants without them even realizing it. He is in control of what goes on down here. It is His training program for us. Satan is not a "great" power. God is. God is the boss! The "buck" starts and stops with Him. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. What He says goes. I sometimes wonder why our religious leaders do not believe He knows what He is doing but they don't seem to.

A Conspiracy?

On the one hand some of our religious leaders say that God is all powerful and has the situation in hand. Then, they talk about a conspiracy theory as if it will somehow threaten God's plan. It's ridiculous. If I became God's arch enemy and wanted to thwart His plan, what could this little piece of dust do? I am no match for someone as brilliant as God. Neither is any other piece of dust. I am not saying there are no conspiracies. I am saying the "Eternal wrecks the plans of the Pagans." They will do only what He lets them-no more or no less. And He is not about to let them wreck His plan. He would not be God if He did. Somehow some of our brethren get involved with these conspiracy ideas and it diminishes God in their eyes. They talk about the conspiracy theory as if God doesn't know what is going on.

God has such a mind that knows every hair on our head. Every star has a name that He knows. Not even a sparrow can fall to the ground without Him knowing it. I repeat, God is God and there is no other. He is the owner, operator and ultimate controller of this Universe. Period. That ought give us supreme confidence in His ability.

"Unless the Lord shall build the house the weary laborers toil in vain. Unless the lord the city shields the guards maintain a useless watch..." (Psalm 127:1)
God knows what He is doing! He is the one that puts kings in their office. He is the one that takes them out -- not the illuminati or Jesuits or anyone else. God is the "man"!


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Feb 28, 2009
Question: "Why did God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden?"

Answer: God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden to give Adam and Eve a choice to obey Him or disobey Him. Adam and Eve were free to do anything they wanted, except eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2:16-17, “And the LORD God commanded the man, ‘You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.’” If God had not given Adam and Eve the choice, they would have essentially been robots, simply doing what they were programmed to do. God created Adam and Eve to be “free” beings, able to make decisions, able to choose between good and evil. In order for Adam and Eve to truly be free, they had to have a choice.

There was nothing essentially evil about the tree or the fruit of the tree. It is unlikely that eating the fruit truly gave Adam and Eve any further knowledge. It was the act of disobedience that opened Adam and Eve’s eyes to evil. Their sin of disobeying God brought sin and evil into the world and into their lives. Eating the fruit, as an act of disobedience against God, was what gave Adam and Eve knowledge of evil (Genesis 3:6-7).

God did not want Adam and Eve to sin. God knew ahead of time what the results of sin would be. God knew that Adam and Eve would sin and would thereby bring evil, suffering, and death into the world. Why, then, did God allow Satan to tempt Adam and Eve? God allowed Satan to tempt Adam and Eve to force them to make the choice. Adam and Eve chose, of their own free will, to disobey God and eat the forbidden fruit. The results—evil, sin, suffering, sickness, and death—have plagued the world ever since. Adam and Eve's decision results in every person being born with a sin nature, a tendency to sin. Adam and Eve's decision is what ultimately required Jesus Christ to die on the cross and shed His blood on our behalf. Through faith in Christ, we can be free from sin's consequences, and ultimately free from sin itself. May we echo the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 7:24-25, “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!”


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Feb 28, 2009
Original Sin - Are We Condemned by the Sin of Adam and Eve?
by Rich Deem

"Many skeptics think that the Bible claims that people are condemned to hell on the basis of Adam and Eve's sin - the original sin of mankind. The doctrine of original sin comes primarily from Paul's letter to the Romans. In this letter, Paul makes the statement that "through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men..."1 Taken out of context, Paul seems to imply that all people are condemned because of Adam's sin. This page will examine what Paul said in context and how that fits with the remainder of biblical theology.

What was the original sin?
God created Adam and Eve and placed them in a garden2 of numerous fruit trees3 that He had designed, from which they could eat anything, except the fruit from one tree.4 Although Adam and Eve had no concept of good and evil, they obviously did know about disobedience, since Eve told the serpent, "From the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat; but from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, 'You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.'" (Genesis 3:3) From her statement, it is clear that Eve knew that she shouldn't eat the fruit. In fact she even added to God's command with the words "or touch it," which was not in God's original command. So, the original sin was disobedience, mistrust, and disloyalty against God.5

Romans chapter five
In chapter 5 of Romans, Paul describes how We are justified before God on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ,6 who came to earth to die for the sins of mankind.7 The chapter takes us back to how we got into the current mess we are in - back to our original parents, who committed the first sins. Paul's point in doing this is to compare the transgression by the transgressor to the redemption offered through the Redeemer. In this chapter, Paul makes it clear that, although Adam and Eve committed the first sin, we are guilty on the basis of our own sin:

Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned-- (Romans 5:12)

What the original sin did was to cause the human race to fall into the practice of sin. We are born to imperfect parents, whose sin negatively influences us. We become accustomed to committing "minor" sins without regard to their negative impact on our lives and the lives of others. However, God, in His love,8 provided the means by which all people9 could become completely righteous before Him,10 thus inheriting eternal life.11

The Bible says that God has created people to be upright, but they have chosen to do evil.12 We are not condemned on the basis of Adam and Eve's original sin, but our own. Our condemnation is rightly deserved due to our rebellion and disobedience of God's laws. God is not responsible for our sin, but we are, because of our own lusts.13 However, God, in His love, has provided a way of escape for those who recognize their own inability to live up to God's holy standards. Jesus Christ died for our sins to reconcile us to God. Trust Jesus to change you into the person you really want to be!"


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Feb 26, 2013
Did God want Adam and Eve to Sin?
What ever happened to God's plan for man?

What I can say is that the Father never wants us to disobey His commands, but that though He knows we will, He has allowed it to be so, so that we know we did it of our own free will rather than clinging to His own.

If we would cling to the faith in the long suffering Father and the Son who gave His body as sacrifice for our sins, if we would believe in the resurrection of the Holy Anointed Son and all of His works and the Father's works all the Way through, then we won't be unknowing of the Father's plans for us and any of our brothers and sisters. But we will have understanding, and salvation being redeemed to the Father by the Son, always. Blessings!:)

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